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Honesty meets action : January 2024 Hexagram Insights

Quote of the month , based on the January hexagram 2024 : The Bitting 火雷噬嗑 

To find wisdom, one must bite through the illusions of falsehood, unveiling the truth. In this dance of discernment, clarity emerges, and progress is born where honesty meets action
peel hexagram image by EC Metaphysics

The hexagram here is referred to as the "Biting Hexagram". It comes with Li gua and Zhen gua . This hexagram signifies successful progress in the current unfolding situation, portrayed as a symbolic act of breaking down illusions between the corners of the mouth - imagine bitting something, and things breakdown. The "illusions" here, refer to false or misleading beliefs, perceptions, or ideas that one may hold about themselves, others, or the world around them. Perhaps, an illusion might be the belief that success is only achieved through flawlessness, or that one must conform to societal expectations to be accepted. These illusions can hinder personal and collective progress by creating barriers, limiting perspectives, and preventing individuals from seeing the truth of a situation. Not only that, it will hinder the ability to form authentic connections with others.

This hexagram conveys a profound lesson : balance can only be achieved by eliminating obstacles and extremes. In the context of life, clinging to illusions and the idea of right and wrong obstructs progress. Biting Through advises dispelling these illusions, as life naturally reorganizes by breaking down barriers to growth.

If you find yourself too engrossed in your inner world (The Well), ie over analysing things, this hexagram urges action even if you feel unprepared. Tho, caution is given against creating false realities. What can be done is to prioritize clear communication. In times of difficulty , solutions can only emerge when you speak up and honestly assessing others' actions become paramount during Biting Through. It values clarity over wishes, turning oppression into positive transformation. Biting Through, like a storm, unravels assumptions, clearing the path for open communication and dispelling illusions.

Following are the few things that you can do based on the hexagram for the month:

  1. Dispel Illusions for Growth:

  • Reflect on and dispel personal illusions hindering progress. Acknowledge that life reorganizes by breaking barriers; illusions obstruct growth. The process of Biting Through encourages self-reflection to dispel illusions.

  1. Prioritize Clear Communication:

  • Embrace clear communication, especially in uncertainty. Take proactive steps to remove obstacles by prioritizing discernment and fostering clear communication. Biting Through emphasizes the importance of actively embracing clear communication. It underscores that obstacles can be overcome through discernment and transparent communication, paving the way for progress.

  1. Take Proactive Action for Growth:

  • Act even when feeling unprepared; avoid excessive inner focus. Recognize that proactive responses are essential, and inaction may hinder progress. Biting Through urges taking proactive steps toward growth. It emphasizes that waiting for perfect conditions may lead to missed opportunities, encouraging action even in moments of uncertainty.

  1. Seek Alignment in Relationships:

  • Seek alignment of purposes in relationships and collaborations. Recognize that Biting Through holds the potential for union when shared objectives are sought. The hexagram highlights the importance of seeking alignment in relationships. By understanding that Biting Through signifies potential union, individuals can actively pursue shared objectives for mutual growth.

Disclaimer : More detailed info may then depend on the overall chart; hence, you may book a 1-1 with me to understand how to manage it better. Best not to jump to any conclusion. Context is necessary.

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