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May 2024 (Earth Snake Prediction) : Navigating Paradox

Updated: May 8

2024 forecast highlight

Remember this? FINALLY , it is over - the Dragon month. As you guys can tell from what happened - the "disasters" started to kick in. Starting off from the Taiwan's earthquake to the recent landslide in Kenya. While the external problems are starting to kick in, the "internal" aspects are starting to shift for you too I believe - with that , comes with opportunities.. NOW- We are officially entering the May month, from the 6th May - 5th June, marking the advent of the Ji Si 己巳 pillar. In the study of Jia Zi, each month offers valuable lessons and forecasts, providing insights for personal growth and development.

Ji Si 己巳 is depicted as the image of the sun casting its relentless glow over the glistening sands of the desert. The desert, although sparse in water, is always craving for more "water" ie representing "material wealth", at the same time - in pursuit of healing. Hence, Ji Si, marked by its profound dualities, and it's lesson here is much reflecting on finding the balance between both.

Now, what can we expect in this month?

ji si may 2024

May 2024 Earth Snake Prediction : Navigating paradox

The overarching lesson of Ji Si is to examine the tensions between our spiritual values and material ambitions. It presents a challenge to prioritize amidst numerous opportunities for financial gain. Ji Si's dilemma reflects the common struggle many face in balancing material pursuits with spiritual purity. It prompts us to ask ourselves: "What am I willing to sacrifice? At what cost?" This inquiry delves not only into our financial decisions but also into the spiritual implications of our pursuits.

Amidst potential challenges, May 2024 offers opportunities to enhance both our material and spiritual well-being. Similar to Ji Si in the desert, where even in sparse conditions there's a potential for wealth, this month may unveil avenues to increase your income or discover lucrative investments. May presents challenges centered on the pursuit of wealth, characterized by the risks associated with hastily seized opportunities lacking a solid foundation. Such impulsive decisions often result in typical RW problems that demand competitive solutions. Additionally, there's an internal conflict between accumulating wealth and upholding spiritual and ethical standards, posing a significant concern. 

What can we do?

  1. Introduce the Water Element: "The Ji Si pillar thrives in environments where the water element is present" . In real life application , this reflects in several matters such as taking action , being practical and putting long term benefits into consideration when making decision,

  2. Avoid pitfalls of greed: Mindfulness to avoid the pitfalls of greed. Practical wealth management includes setting clear financial goals, budgeting wisely, and investing responsibly.

  3. Sticking to your principle - and values : Question is , do you know what's yours? One way in terms of making certain decision - is to stick to your core values and ethics in pursuit of our goals. This involves being disciplined and principled in our professional and personal pursuits, acting with integrity, and making decisions that not only foster our growth but also contribute positively to our community.

  4. Balance and Integration: Strive for a harmonious integration of both material and spiritual aspects of life. This means not sacrificing one for the other but finding ways to ensure that our material successes do not overshadow our spiritual growth. It's about creating a life where both aspects can coexist and support each other.

  5. Regular Self-Assessment: Periodically revisiting our goals and methods ensures that we are on the right track. This practice can help us recognize when we are leaning too much towards materialistic pursuits and allow us to make necessary adjustments to realign with our spiritual values.

Disclaimer : More detailed info may then depend on the overall chart; hence, you may book a 1-1 with me to understand how to manage it better. Best not to jump to any conclusion. Context is necessary. Free Resources :

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