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John Choong, Malaysia

“The 4-day Intermediate Bazi training with Esther not only met my expectations - after the first Basic course I took with her - but went beyond it.


She’s an amazing teacher who’s able to put very complex terms and concepts in layman terms without sacrificing the depth & nuances inherent in Bazi. Even as a relative newbie to Chinese Metaphysics I was able to gain so many insights and perspectives that even the more “lauded” masters were not quite able to communicate. 


Her delivery style is relaxed yet structured which makes it easy to follow. Moreover, she gives unstintingly of her time - indeed she’s very generous with her knowledge and seriously (I shouldn’t say this but 😉) - her courses are really bang for the buck!!”

“A a once upon a time teacher sup - I give u top marks for your fun, innovative & experiential way of teaching us with the use of real life examples - “forcing” us to: think - apply & remember better what we learn. 

Truly kudos!”

Rajwant Kaur , Singapore / Australia

A consultation with Esther is like having a psychologist who understands you at your core. She understood my strengths and weaknesses and she was able to speak to me through my coloured lenses. Through her knowledge, she was able to propose solutions at times when I had concerns with challenges. Meeting her on this journey is perhaps not a coincidence. I look forward to her future classes and videos. 

Christine Ho, Australia, Business Owner

I engaged Esther's services for a BaZi consult session. I find the session very fruitful - Esther asked many questions to slowly unravel the mental block or issue I was facing back then. True to her mission statement and objective, she helped me gain clarity on what I want to achieve in life. I am also able to resonate the free monthly yi-jing readings conducted by Esther and I looked forward to them every month. 

Norman Hua, Malaysia

The sharing of knowledge for the EC Metaphysica Advance BaZi Workshop was well structured so as to be easy to understand. The technical content were helpful to would be practitioner as it related to how BaZi can be applied when doing readings. the case studies were appropriate to the course and the course trainer was knowledgeable and much of the sharing is based on her experience

HP Choong, USA

I have attended a series of Esther's BaZi class from Wealth analysis to Intermediate and Advance BaZi reading workshop. Being a person who have already learned BaZi before and have the foundation knowledge, I would have to say Esther is able to introduce various techniques that keep me intrigued.


My wife and I have also engaged Esther for BaZi consultation. She is optimistic and practical in her approach.  I sincerely appreciate her positivity as it helps me deal with my own emotional issues. I like how she not only help us to explore various options in addressing our challenges but work with us during the consultation to look at our inner self.  

Her richness in life experience give her greater credibility in giving advice.  Her recommendations are logical and have strong substance.  I like how she encouraged me to 'play' with the chart and look at the various possibilities that can be aligned to us,  This helps me to develop my own self-empowerment.

She is well-versed in wealth, career, health and relationship reading. I would highly recommend anyone who want to learn BaZi or is looking for professional consultaiton to seek out Esther's services. 😊

John Choong, Malaysia

Min Sen

Thorough discussion, 

strong technical foundation, 

problem-solving oriented,

practical applications.

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