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May 2024 Yijing [Great Strength Hexagram] : The Power of Great Strength

peel hexagram image by EC Metaphysics

May 2024: The Power of Great Strength in Yijing Forecast In the Great Strength hexagram, we have Qián (The Creative, Heaven) below and Zhen (The Thunder) above. Both energies are loud and really strong.

The text states, "大壮。利贞。" directly translates to "Great Strength. Advantageous Divination." The "great" here denotes "correctness." And when correctness is great, the situation of heaven and earth becomes evident, i.e., when acting appropriately.

What can we expect this month based on Yijing

In the month of May, the Yijing hexagram "Great Strength" reminds us of an important wisdom. It illustrates a person of immense power situated beneath thunder, symbolizing great strength yet without the need to exert force. This teaches us that even when we possess considerable power or feel superior, it's crucial not to act arrogantly or aggressively. True strength lies not in forcefulness but in adaptability, focus, and firmness of purpose.

In practical terms, this means that sometimes, it's wise to pause and reflect before taking action. This pause isn't about being inactive but about preparing ourselves to act effectively, much like gathering energy before chopping wood with a single clean strike. It's about aligning our intentions with a belief in our ability to succeed, which enhances our chances of success.

Furthermore, the concept of "the power of the great" emphasizes the potency of stillness over aggression. Remaining steady and composed, especially during challenging times, allows us to maintain our core values and act benevolently towards others.

There's also a valuable lesson here about personal growth and identity. Just like the heroes in myths who undergo transformative journeys, we too may feel out of place or misunderstood.

In summary, the wisdom of "Great Strength" teaches us that true greatness is found in calmness, patience, and composure, even in the face of difficulties.

Here are some of the points on what you can do :

  • Embrace Balanced Efforts: To avoid the pitfalls of overexertion and ensure sustainable progress, it's crucial to balance your efforts across all areas of life. This means allocating your energy wisely. Regular breaks and a diverse set of activities can prevent burnout and promote long-term productivity.

  • Maintain Moderation: For those who are already practicing a balanced and moderate approach, continue to prioritize this way of living. Consistency in this practice will lead to positive outcomes.

  • Exercise Restraint and Thoughtfulness: Avoid acting impulsively or using excessive force in situations. Like a wise person who knows when to hold back, practice thinking through the consequences of your actions before committing. This can prevent unnecessary complications and help in managing your resources more effectively.

  • Act with Appropriate Firmness: Determine the right amount of effort needed for different situations and act accordingly. Just as a smoothly operating gate doesn’t require force to open, apply the necessary amount of force in your actions—no more, no less.

  • Recognize and Adapt to Stagnation: If you find yourself in a situation where progress seems impossible, acknowledge the reality of the situation and look for creative solutions. Sometimes, understanding that not every position or situation is critical can alleviate pressure, allowing you to find new ways to approach the problem or to strategically retreat and refocus your efforts where they are more likely to succeed.

Disclaimer : More detailed info may then depend on the overall chart; hence, you may book a 1-1 with me to understand how to manage it better. Best not to jump to any conclusion. Context is necessary.

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