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Hey there, 

Hey there, my name is Esther.  

I am a Master of Pharmacy graduate from the UK with a specialization in BAZI 八字 (Four Pillars of Destiny). In my practice, I combine my knowledge of BAZI with the art of Feng shui, Qi Men Dun Jia, Yi Jing and Date Selection to provide a comprehensive approach to life transformation. 

My passion towards this holistic approach has also lead to to my yoga journey.  I am a YACEP Yin Yoga instructor, Meditation & Pranayama coach, and practitioner of the 5 Elements of wisdom in life.


My mission is to help people, (especially women), embrace their true selves, unleash their potential, and find happiness in their relationships, health, and mental and emotional abundance.

I believe that everyone has the power to transform their lives and create a positive impact on the world. Through my teachings and practices, I strive to empower my clients to achieve their goals and live a fulfilling life.

Get to know me more, on why I do what to do .. 



I was once in your shoe...

To find clarity, to seek for all the “why-s” , and about myself. I wasn’t able to accept how certain things have occurred in my life.. Dealing with all the obstacles.. I was angry, sad and had almost given up in life..


But before all of these, I was the girl who ticked all the “perfect” boxes in the eyes of society.. 

I was one of the youngest pharmacist who lead the International Marketing team in a public listed pharma company below 30. I found my love and married at age was never a concern. My life was everyone’s “perfect life”

But everything went downhill battle.. when my divorce happened. My career collapsed, my health was a disaster , and I repeatedly failed again in few other relationships… and I was ashamed with myself repeated.

I tried all sorts of methods  to get back up. I was desperate to get myself back on track. I was on therapy and picked up Metaphysics , and healing as I ventured into finding the answers myself

Little did I know, the more I find answers for myself, the more I manage to discover answers for others as well. 

And the rest was history… 

Today, I have served more than 300 clients and  conducted at least 100  free webinars and FB live in just a span of two years. I have conducted more than 15 classes on metaphysics , and have taught more than 100 students from 10 different countries. 


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