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Living by your own rules

BaZi is a profiling system and personal assessment tool. It is based on your time and birth date.  This tool can be used to activate your true potential and be the best version of yourself.

This would be a 1-1 consultation with us, and the consultation will start by a general understanding about yourself and a general forecast of several aspects of your life, namely the career, wealth, relationship and health.  If you have a number of specific questions to ask, it is advisable to list down the questions first prior to the session, so we can have a more productive session. 

A BaZi annual assessment can also be done. And how is it different? Every year we are governed by a different energy. By analyzing your annual assessment you would be able to prioritize and be prepared for what is it to come. This will enable you to see the options, possibilities or even potential hazards ahead. Remember that you have the Free Will to steer your Destiny to your desired or best possible outcome in any given year.

Image by Kharytonova Antonina
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