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The Five Secrets to Success in Period 9

If you are here to find out what you should pay attention to during Period 9 changes and how to adapt to the new times, you're definitely in the right place because the "secret" I will share is not spoken much yet (at least for now). But before I go deeper into the "secret", here's what you want to know about Period 9

What does it mean by Period change?
In a better understanding, a "Period" change is more known as the "Feng Shui" cycle. In the context of the Chinese Calendar and Metaphysics, we have a full 180- years cycle before the whole year "restarts".

We have 3 Big cycles, and each of them is 60 years of the cycle, where it's known as the "Upper Cycle", "Middle Cycle", and "Lower Cycle". Within each cycle, there are 20 years, and each of these is known as the Period. You can refer to the below table for easy reference.

We are in a transition phase on the last Period in the Lower Cycle, i.e. Period 8 to Period 9. However, these changes started in December 2020 when the Great Conjunction occurred. So from the planetary alignment perspective, Period 9's energy has officially entered.

Whenever the Period changes, the universe/world will shift drastically in terms of energy. Technically what happened was Covid-19. Hence, affecting the external influences in every human's life, which ultimately impact humans in every aspect, i.e. the industry, market trend, career and business culture, relationship dynamics, health, dreams and execution.
The need of adapting from Period 8 to Period 9
We must start adapting to the new change, which I hope many of us have already begun to change by the least, learning to live in the Digital world because there's what Period 9 will be all about.

During Period 8 (2003-2023), the focus is on "Earth" energy (Gen Gua), which emphasizes trustworthiness, stability, and loyalty as part of the culture. This means that things move at a slower pace because it's essential to prioritize stability. Therefore, it's advisable to play it safe or fake it until you make it, as long as it contributes to stability and growth.
In contrast to Period 8 (2004-2023), Period 9 (2023-2043) is characterized by the "Fire" energy (Li Gua), which represents a significant shift in core motivation. While a slower pace marked Period 8, Period 9 is focused on speed, passion, creativity, freedom, and connectivity. This means that things can change very quickly, almost instantaneously. In this cultural moment, people seek more authentic connections with themselves and others, particularly as AI becomes more prevalent and many jobs become automated.
Here's a little summary on what you can expect:
Period 8
Energy type: Slow and inward
Currency: Knowledge, Education and Finances
Culture: Trustworthiness and stability (security)
Demographic rise: Younger male
Period 9
Energy type: Fast and rising
Currency: Fame, energy and passion
Culture: Passion and liberation
Demographic rise: Mid-age woman

What are the secrets of success in Period 9 1. Letting go and closure of Period 8
  • It is an essential process before we enter and embrace a new Period; we have to graduate from Period 8

  • Graduating means learning from the lessons. Period 8 has taught.

  • What did Period 8 teach: Personal core values and self-worth.

  • It would help if you overcame this; otherwise, you won't be able to unleash your potential in Period 9 , and you won't be able to embrace the new change

2. Having a vision
  • What is a vision? It means a mental vision or view of how you would want your world or the world around you would look like

  • It is not a dream but a practical idea of what to do, how, and what to solve.

  • This will help you prioritize during Period 9 and keep you on track.

3. Having a passion & purpose
  • Do you know what your passion is?

  • If you have yet to learn, we expect you to recognize them during Period 9. So pay attention!

  • It is the time of liberation when you start to see yourself burnt out when you do not love what you do. (starting from many celebrities calling to quit!)

  • Don't worry, you don't have to quit your job but rather reflect on what matters to you, and you would need to find an outlet for yourself to practice passion.

  • Otherwise, you will fall into this vicious cycle of negativity and burnout.

4. Walk the talk
  • Coming from the place of authenticity is the way to go during Period 9

  • Unlike Period 8, where you can stay the same and not be impacted (because all you need to do is to stand the test of time)

  • Period 9 requires you to practice inner fire that comes from within, the core of self. Which means in reality, being truthful, honest to yourself (even if you're not the best. and it's hard) and self-sufficient for the better man.

  • Bear in mind many people will be seeking that to fill up the "hole" in them, as connectivity.

5. Health (Self-Cultivation) - Mental & Emotional Well-Being
  • Now, this is considered the MOST important because the FIRE in Period 9 represents the HEART, and it the."EMPEROR of MIND". Those are the TWO most important organs that keeps us human and alive (NOT AI)

  • For the past 20 years, we have taken for granted that our health has always been something we can treat easily with pills and supplements.

  • But the need for health support will shift as we enter Period 9, where most of the "health problems" will appear in a more intangible way, such as mental and emotional health (which is something very evident today)

  • The cultural change that comes with speed, more competition and pressure has pushed many people, mainly young adults, to their edge, and those who are as young as teenagers to young adults could be a significant threat in this arena.

  • Working adults suffering from depression, severe anxiety issues and cardiovascular disease would be the main problem; one doesn't care for their well-being. The solution is NOT to wait until the intangible health problems lead to the physical part of the heart, i.e., high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke etc., which will further damage the financial, career, and relationship problems.

The long-term solution is SIMPLE: Cultivation of health. Doing simple things every day to keep up your stamina.

Please write your comments and share your thoughts about my articles. If you like them, please follow and connect with me. Esther, from EC Metaphysics


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