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5 Ways to develop routine effectively based on your BaZi

By designing and individualizing great routines can lead to significant personal growth but to do it more effectively, you need to understand yourself well enough. Let's align what does routine means before I move on.

Routine: set of behaviours in a particular order that we do with some frequency but not automatically. Which could be not fun and not comfortable at all

However, we all know that building a good and effective routine creates consistency. And what are you willing to do persistently define your success. Truth is you might already know this, but most people can't maintain their routine. How about you?

It is not about the spur that is going to define your success. It is about commitment. Running motivated, and then being all gung-ho about it, and then many forget about it. We all have to put action into place. So, if you really want to set your mind on something, you have to commit to a routine that helps you reach your destination. To make life easy, we refer to your BaZi chart and determine which is the best for you to begin with.

Everyone is different, so how we function and operate on our routine depends a lot on our BaZi chart. Focus on what you are strong at to create that momentum and get your engine going, and then you can develop other routines.

So, if you do not already have your own BaZi chart, you can click here & plot your own. All you need is your time of birth and birthday

Next step, just concentrate on the top 3 profile. Like I said, develop those first to create momentum.

These top 3 ones will be easier for you to develop since it's in you. So, you better don't copy how other people do it because even if you do, there will not be any maintenance in that.

1. Wealth Star (DW & IW): Generally, they are more hardworking than other people because they are just more willing to make things happen.

a) DW - Try establishing a routine where you will take part in any sort of trial & error. Since you have a very strong perception that when anything has to be done by you and only you, try doing something new every day. Since you always believe in making things more efficient and effective, try to find new ways to make it happen. But with the mindset of - that you might fail. Otherwise, this you might do it at all.

b) IW - Very different with DW because you might want to focus on finding solutions to make things easier, or in a way, short-cutting your way. So, you want to focus on establishing a routine where you should incorporate shortcuts to deal with something. Broaden your field of work and find the easier way to get your task done.

It's rather important for wealth element people to operate at their best, otherwise, they will just be hardworking blindly.

2. Influence star (DO & 7K): Generally you are all about systemization and being action-oriented.

a) DO - Create a routine where you systematically batch your tasks. Example, select a time of the day every day to do writing, or maybe researching or maybe sending emails. You function best when you have a timeline and system. Yes, like a machine sometimes. But this is the most effective way for you to create your engine and start moving effectively. This may not work for those who want freedom.

b) 7K - The ever famous To-do list works best for those with 7K structure. But then bare in mind that a to-do list is not about having 10 items. It's all about setting the 3-4 priority ones and focus only on that. This type of restriction is suitable for those with high 7K because they tend to overestimate their to-do and will want to do everything! So, best to ask yourself, "What are the 3 most important thing you want to accomplish daily". Begin your day by asking yourself this question.

3. Resource star: It is all about learning and allowing help to come to you.

a) DR - Establish a routine to learn something new every day. Make finding out and researching things part of your day in day out. Example, if you want to organize an event, you want to find out details about how to organize the event properly.

b) IR - Focus on the bigger picture. Watch other people, other youtube. Generate ideas from them. Example, if you want to create a new marketing campaign for your company, do not focus on generating new ideas. Rather, use that time to research and use that idea together with your own idea. Find out what another thought leader is talking about, and then incorporate your content into these topics. Be updated about what other people are talking about. Time researching on the RIGHT and VALUABLE to you.

4. Companion star: All you need and want are people.

a) F - Establish a routine where it can involve other people. From there build a community and group that can support you no matter what. What are you building, you are building a networking habit. Meaning, build a routine where you consistently learn to understand what type of friends can be helpful to you. But a habit of networking style

b) RW- Establish a competitive mindset. Because it's all about competition. Build a habit to compete with yourself and compare it with your previous self. A simple way to get a feel out of it is from exercising. Compete with your previous record. Build a habit where you learn to see the gap between your previous you and your better you. So that when you’re competing out there you will automatically learn to apply the gap analysis between your competitors and you.

5. Output star: All about your own creation.

a) EG - Because you are creative and have this perfectionist mindset, you want to establish a routine where you want to question yourself on this "So, can I spend more than 5 years trying to perfect something" If the answer is yes, then focus on "perfecting" your product daily. Ask yourself these questions " How am I going to refine it? How can I use my creativity to fix it and then commit to it and do it". Because of your personality which likes to perfectly refine an idea or product, you need to set a timeline for yourself to do it. Otherwise, you are merely a dreamer and not executing it.

b) HO - As for HO, establish a routine where you reflect and talk to yourself more often. This will allow you to practice gratitude. Build a habit of talking to yourself about the success that you have already happened. So that you will feel grateful. It doesn’t work for everyone, it’s only applicable for those who have high HO.

So, of all of these, pick the first 3 highest ones to start with and then only work on weaker ones. If you ever fall out of the routine, head back to focus on your strongest one and then once you feel good and kept the engine inside you running, develop others.

Try not to do things that you do not have. You will find it very difficult to do. Start with something that you’re strong to keep the engine going and then from there, tackle the weaker ones.

It worked well personally for me! I hope it does for you as well!

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Stay tune for more amazing contents that I will be giving out soon :D

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