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Match Made in Heaven through BaZi?

Covid-19 did not only put a test in your country’s healthcare system, but it is also a test for many couple or partners. How are you spending so much time with your partner at home? Starting to feel annoyed? In China, there seem to have an increase in divorce cases once the lock down was lifted.

This then lead me to talk about relationship. Relationship is one of the most common aspect that many clients tend to ask during a consult. When can I find my soul mate?”, “Is he good for me?”, “Is he cheating on me?”

When it comes to a relationship reading, although we can always read the technically behind the 2 charts, but at the end of the day, relationship matters are very logical. It takes two to tango. Traditional reading would always refer to the stem and branches combination, which is just one aspect of the relationship, but actually it is more than a process of match making a stem and branch at the Day pillar.

Lets give an example, between a Geng Chen female & Yi You male:

Female chart

Male chart

Although these two charts have a combination of stem and branches at their Day pillar, but take a look at the female chart which is excessive in Hurting officer (HO), while the male’s chart have a 7 Killings (7K) at its spouse palace. This HO female has this personality that have the tendency to go against the norm, very outspoken and can be pretty argumentative too. While 7K male is pretty impulsive, aggressive and more portrait a more doctoral style. So, what can we interpret from here? Yes when they first met, they instantly fell for each other because of the combination (Geng + Yi ; Chen + You) at the spouse palace, but after some time later, both could not stand each other due to their HO and 7K personality. So, should they keep this relationship going? Yes, if they want to- consciously. Otherwise, they might “kill” each other first. But due to its combination in the chart, its pretty difficult for this two to split up although they might always disagree with each other. They still have affection for each other despite the character differences. You see the whole picture now?

So, what can I conclude from here? Even if your chart combines with your partner, so what? There are effort needed to sustain the relationship. Besides, there are so many factor and reasons why one couple can be happily together. Its not just about affection, one could also be a happy couple when both have similar hobbies and goals in life.

So, at the end of the day, the combination at the DAY pillar, doesn’t tell you a Happily Ever After story. If we want a happy relationship with our partner , we got to adopt to L.O.V.E lesson L- Learn about each other. Being in a relationship take effort from both parties to understand each other

O- Open up your heart. Meaning, be genuine and sincere.

V- Value and validate your partner. Often many couples do not express how much they value each other. A simple thank you, and words of appreciation even after a small gesture shows that we value our partner.

E- Endure the bad times. Relationship do not only bring you happiness, but it has hardships as well. Unfortunately, many relationships end at this stage because both could not endure bad times together.

Hope this can help you some home in your relationship. Compatibility in charts, does mean everything- there are still men effort involve 🙂

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