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A little lesson we all need to learn...

Because I have started to build more interest in Yi Jing since last year, I've decided to make my learning journey a bit more interesting... Yes, I am doing a Mass Divination for the first time (really, it's not that interesting , I was just joking about it :P)

Anyway, this Mass Divination was very much inspired by a good friend whom I share my passion of Chinese Metaphysics with. We were talking on this topic - "LESSON"

Indeed, every chart has its lesson to learn, every Luck Pillar turned out the way it supposed to (technically formulated) , because we all have a lesson to learn during that 10 years or if not that 1 year.

Thus, I have decided to take this opportunity to seek Yi Jing's advice for 2021's lesson. It is a mass divination, so the way I put it is much amateur :D - No tortoise shells.. Here it goes :

(FYI - Perhaps when you see this post, it could be past 3, 4, 6 months from February 2021, but it still does apply. When you see it, its meant for you to see it!)

How do you do this - Well, just pick a card ! A, B or C

now ... the answers are below (do not sneak!) . Pick one card and then only scroll down to check your lesson :D







If you have picked Card A : Your lesson in 2021 is "Tranquility in Disturbance"

If you have picked Card B : You'll need to learn about "Patience and Authenticity"

If you have picked Card C: You'll need to learn to "Let Go & Open to Inner Experience"

Now, let me know in the comment below , whether these advice resonates with you.

If you are keen at this kind of divination, follow my facebook page or instagram - perhaps I might do a monthly divination :D

Ps: So far, I have been following the Yi Jing's advice (but not coming from myself) and it is always spot on. And things did change to become better after that - I would say "thank god, I took the advice and did this xx" . Try them and let me know how well does the advice works for you!

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