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Life Empowerment through the Holistic Way of life

The core philosophy of this business is around Metaphysics, but a practical approach from a modern and relevant standpoint. The use of Chinese Metaphysics is way more sophisticated and strategic than it used to be. It is not about how we should "avoid" things and place an ornament to change our life. Our life path and destiny are in our hands, unique like you and me. Understanding it allows you to get down to the core motivation and psychological obstacles and apply them to today's practical world to achieve your personal goals and dreams. The approach has to be practical, relevant and wholesome. 



"Know yourself, and you will win all battles."

— Sun Tzu

Nothing is more transformational than when we get to know ourselves better, the cause of every good and bad outcome in our life. Mainly when it comes to the root cause of your personal obstacles. Breakthroughs allow individuals to powerfully pursue their intended purpose with confidence and fulfilment. 

You can enjoy our 1-1 consultation or coaching sessions to do this with us. Or you have an option if you are keen to learn and discover them. To be able to dig deep into what motivated you to do certain things and make certain decisions in life. And most importantly, identify deep in your hearts what you have always wanted to do but are stopped by internal negative self-talk and self-imposed limitations.

We also collaborate with certain parties and organisations to do talks and events that help cultivate a healthy cultural mindset. 

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Informative Interview


A Transformational & Self Discovery Programmes
Now Available Online



Watch these webinar replays and weekly facebook videos to discover how metaphysics and astrology can help you find practical solutions to achieve your goals and solve your problems. 

But before that, please plot your (astrology) BaZi 八字 chart :  Click here

All was good. In my case without any specific questions, I understand it might be a bit tricky, but what you did was good. You could even do that even more intensively ie. Even more information in the given time. For me anyway. Someone elese may not take in anymore. In terms of partnership it was also very clear and useful.

Alex Zlatopolskis

Esther is a very nice person to talk with, she gives good advice and allows you to understand yourself better!

Samantha Heng

I'm very thankful for the interview time, you gave me valuable insights about my opportunities to get better.


I love that Esther is very open to share! Approaches have very modern approaches and conversation flowed with ease.


In mid 2021, I chance upon EC metaphysics while I was searching qimen manifestation on the web.  So happen there was a basic Bazi class the following week and I signed up for it.  To-date, I have attended Esther's basic, intermediate and advance classes.  Love the part when Esther guided us on how to analyze a person's chart.  There's so much that we could read from a chart!

For a person who have zero knowledge on Bazi, I definitely have gain some knowledge and will be replaying the past sessions as revision. 

There's many things to remember before we are able to read a chart, eg the structure, favorable, unfavorable, clash, harm, etc.  Currently I still need to open the notes for these theories, but I believe with frequent practice, I will be able to remember these theories going forward.

Glad that I have made the right choice by signing up the basic lesson.  Weekend/night spent with Esther and the group was more rewarding than watching my Chinese dramas.  Hoping to join Esther's future classes.  Thanks Esther.


Esther is very good in interpreting the charts and delivering them to me. I have got great insights from her. Highly recommend to everyone who wants to understand themselves better and fully maximize the resources you have.

Linda Mak


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