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Transform Your Life with the Power of Qi flow

Life Empowerment through the Holistic Way of life


Our service is grounded in the philosophy of Metaphysics and five elements , but we take a practical and modern approach that is relevant to today's world. We use Chinese Metaphysics as a sophisticated and strategic tool that empowers individuals to take control of their lives and achieve their goals. At our core, we believe that each person's life path and destiny are unique and within their own hands. By understanding the fundamental principles of Metaphysics and applying them to the practical realities of today's world, we help individuals overcome psychological barriers and achieve their dreams. Our approach is not about simply avoiding negative experiences or relying on ornaments to bring about change. Rather, we take a holistic and wholesome approach to Metaphysics, one that recognizes the interconnection between mind, body, and spirit, and empowers individuals to create positive change in all aspects of their lives. 

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Join our close knit community to learn how to use metaphysics tool to improve ourselves | Occasional free talk to community

Upcoming Events & Classes

[NEW] BaZi For Self -Starter 


Join us for BaZi for Self-Starters, where we unlock your entrepreneurial potential through the transformative insights of BaZi. Whether you're transitioning from a 9-5 job, eager to run your own business, or seeking to expand your entrepreneurial endeavors, this class is for you. Discover how to leverage your strengths, clarify your purpose, and turn your vision into reality. From overcoming overwhelm to mastering time management and attracting clients effectively, we provide actionable solutions to common entrepreneurial challenges. Gain clarity, confidence, and direction in your business journey by clicking below to learn more and reserve your spot now

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Join us in celebration of World Meditation Day as we embark on a transformative journey towards inner peace and holistic well-being. In collaboration with Bam&Co, EC Metaphysics invites you to delve into the profound realms of meditation, vibration, and holistic healing. In this workshop, we aim to elevate awareness of meditation's profound benefits and its transformative impact on our overall well-being. Together, we'll explore how the synergy of meditation, vibration, and holistic practices can heal the mind, body, and spirit, fostering a deep sense of inner peace and vitality. Through immersive workshops including yoga, meditation, journaling, and essential oil making, we'll delve into the holistic approach to healing, aiming to alleviate physical tiredness and low energy while nurturing harmony and balance within. Join us on this enriching journey as we cultivate inner peace, vitality, and profound well-being. Your path to holistic wellness begins here.

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Seek clarity & find solutions to fix your problem with ease

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"My wife and I have also engaged Esther for BaZi consultation. She not only help us to explore various options in addressing our challenges but work with us to  look at our inner self"

John Choong, 

"I just had a health bazhi consult with Esther. She really know her stuff and best she know how to provide a holistic way in improving health that incorporate metaphysics"

Augustine Lim


"I highly recommend everyone to do a session with Esther if they are dealing with any issues or obstacles in their life that seemingly stand in the way of them obtaining success or achieving their goals".



Esther is an exceptional advisor! Her guidance has been invaluable to me. She gives practical advice. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking guidance in their personal or professional life.


EC Metaphysics’s consultant Esther has helped me through some challenging relationship with my husband  and health issues during lockdown period

WS Choong


A consultation with Esther is like having a psychologist who understands you at your core. Through her knowledge, she was able to propose solutions at when I had concerns with challenges.

Christine Ho,


My previous learning experience is unpleasant, my ex teacher use my chart and judge and belittled me negatively. Esther focuses on my strengths and ignited my motivation and passion in life

David Teh

Esther’s courses and workshop consist of theory, follow by real life case study to enforce the concept



I engaged Esther's services for a BaZi consult session. Esther  unravel the mental block or issue I was facing back then. True to her mission statement and objective, she helped me gain clarity on what I want to achieve in life

Norman Hua


Who We Serve :

We serve those who is seeking clarity & facing challenges in a few areas : 

  • Relationships & Love among Women 

  • Health (Physical , Mental & Emotional) 

  • Career development & start-up of side gig

  • Spiritual coaches , educator & healer

  • Wealth & financial management 

  • Past relationship traumas



At our 1-1 Consultation session, we believe that the key to real transformation lies in gaining a deeper understanding of ourselves and our circumstances.


We focus on helping you set clear goals, identify obstacles and overcome challenges. By providing you with personalized insights and practical solutions, we empower you to take control of your life and achieve success.

Our approach is holistic and draws on a range of methods and practices, including BaZi, Qi men Dun Jia, Yi Jing, and Feng Shui techniques. However, our sessions are not limited to any specific tools or techniques. Instead, we tailor our approach to your unique needs, using a variety of methods to create a plan that works best for you.

Our goal is to help you achieve your desired outcomes, whether that's in your career, relationships, health, or personal growth. With our support, you'll gain the clarity and awareness you need to overcome obstacles, harness opportunities and achieve your goals.

"Know yourself, and you will win all battles."

— Sun Tzu

Informative Interview


A Transformational & Self Discovery Programmes
Now Available Online



Watch these webinar replays and weekly facebook videos to discover how metaphysics and astrology can help you find practical solutions to achieve your goals and solve your problems. 

But before that, please plot your (astrology) BaZi 八字 chart :  Click here


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