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Why should we get a BaZI consultation?

I have been thinking for quite sometime now and wondering how can I explain this. The reason why this whole idea about "why should we get a BaZi consult, and get all our life being read" came up when a very close friend of mine came to me with this question. This friend is one of those who do not agree on having his BaZI read (he refuses me to even plot his chart!).

I do feel like I needed to explain to my friend (and MANY others!) the REAL reasons why we need a BaZi consult.

Despite having not as many years of consulting experiences like many masters out there in the industry, I do learn and study the patterns of clients that have come to me for consults and almost 60%-70% of them comes to me because of already an EXISTING problem that they can't solve or if not are facing problems but do not know where/what are the causes of their problem. So, from here, you can already tell that our job as consultants, when dealing with such clients are to help them find solutions from their BaZi chart or if not, tell them what are the cause(s) that lead to their existing problems then ultimately provide several solutions to solve their problems. This is how I started off my journey into Chinese Metaphysics as well, when I was in the verge of making a decision whether I should get a divorce or not (and yes, if you may ask, usually for clients who come to me during such period they are going through all those clash, destruction, harm and punishment time at their life)

But really, if you ask me, I would say this would be the LEAST of the reason why I would want to go for a consultation for. Because, shit HAS already hit the fan, and really, it's pretty difficult to deal with and make decisions during shitty times, plus, there are not much options left to deal with "acute" situations ie lesser room to play based on the given time - imagine yourself having an asthma attack, you only got your inhaler to go to. That is why, I wish that I have always knew Chinese Metaphysics...way before my clash and harm hits me, and I don't even know what happened.

The remaining who come for my consults are usually the younger ones, which I could say, they come to me, mostly based on referrals of seeing a success story of a peer (who were formerly my clients). It obvious already that these 30% of clients are those who are looking into understanding themselves better and wanting to know how and what are their next step in their life. I would say these bunch of clients are the : - motivated , having a pen and paper in-front of them and prepared a series of questions type

Ultimately as you can see , for these type of clients, the idea is to provide them a strategic course plan based on their goals. Really, this set of clients are usually the ones that come in with a clearer mind and goals (and it's my favourite to deal with as well ) because usually these are where most of my success stories are. And to be honest, usually the younger ones can change their habits easier. Yes, age does matter from what I experience. At first, I din't know that , but from what I observe, it does. From what I notice is that , the older ones although have better wisdom (tho not all), may seem to have some challenges in changing their habits so quickly, while the younger ones , although distraction is an issue (not applicable for all) but when they are focused they hit the point quickly and on point. That is why, ideally, the Younger the Better, because its easier to change. When I said younger , meaning below 33 years old (or plus minus 3 years) , but that is just my range of clients, perhaps others could be different.

(FYI- I'm not saying that older ones couldn't change. Perhaps just more effort and time needed. Also need to consider the nature of their charts)

Anyway, back to the reason why I think we all need a BaZi consult is more like - why do we need to do our annual health check. Some people follow the guideline that was recommended by the MOH, which is to do either an annual one, or if you have a certain risk factor, you needed a certain review every 3-6 months - we often use this word , called the "preventive measures" for such cases. But there are also some, who doesn't believe on body check ups, and do not do any AT all until one day, problem starts kicking in, when their body's engine starts to break down.

Doesn't this sound similar ?

If you ask me of course, I would not even second the thought about WHY should be get a BaZI consult, but rather the right question is - WHEN should we get a BaZI consult?

Personal point of view (based on my experience)

  1. The Younger the better - I would say, if I had a chance to understand Chinese Metaphysics the moment I graduated from my medicine school , I would have went for a BaZi consult. The idea is NOT to know the future sole for knowing (I'll talk about this in another post), but rather, I would say it is more to strategise my path towards the goals that I want based on the time (Luck Pillar) that I was going through via understanding the circumstances that I might go through. Yes, sometimes we can't really avoid circumstance, we need to learn the lesson. That's the reason why its In Your LUCK PILLAR (I'll talk about it perhaps someday in another post - every chart has its lesson to learn!) !

  2. When you are going through a change in the 10 year Luck Pillar - When I mean by change I would prefer a year before the change of Luck Pillar, so that you can have an understanding of what you 10 year might turn out to be. And around the mid 10 year Luck Pillar - more like a review thing, to see whether you're doing it right or wrong.

  3. Yearly assessment & review after 6 month s- Just last week, a client of mine told me this. That she thought a BaZi consult is only to be done once in a life-time or if not a yearly affair. I would say it depends, some prefer to do a ANNUAL reading and then have their reviews every 3 months / or 6 months after the annual reading. BaZI is still a dynamic chart after all and to be realistic in our reading, we have to overlap them together with REAL LIFE SCENARIOS.

  4. When you have an additional someone in Your Life, be it a new wife , husband or someone you want to spend your life with and when you have a new born child - Okay, the idea for this type of Consult which I find it really beneficial is on the "UNDERSTANDING" bit. As you can see, some couples become less happier when they got married or move in together in the same house or it not some couple became happier when they have a new child (or it could be otherwise). We can not always assume that as long as you are in a relationship with someone for 10 years, you could have understood him/her deep to their core. Why? because people change. Nothing stays the same forever. Besides, many people in fact, don't really truly understand their partners (most don't even understand themselves well). The idea is to have a good understanding of your partners and child/ children, so that you communicate and live well together. For some parents, its good to understand how their children / child are/is so that they can guide them better in life. Example, if you have a Geng Metal child, you do not want to treat them like a Gui Water child. (Yes, canning is not for everyone, not too much "easy" life is never going to help the child grow to be a better person). Also, as couples, you may want to see what are the possible issues that may arise between both at a specific time. Next, the question of "compatibility" may arise. Well, is that the only key factor that keeps a couple together? No, the answer is definitely not. Have you seen couple who fights everyday and yet, still love other like crazy? So, ultimately the key like I said is UNDERSTANDING and to be more mindful about what would happen if they act in a certain way. Remember, clashes happen every 6 years. Clashes = problems arise. But severity of the problem , depends on how do you deal with it over the years, and the outcome of the problem, depends on how do you deal with it on that one year!

Remember, ultimately BaZi is a guide , not a fortune telling tool . If you know about the Cosmic Trinity concept, there BaZi's influence is merely 33.3% , YOUR action influences the outcome by 33.3% and the last is your environment (ie feng shui) by 33.3% as well.

So, you might say, then WHY get to know your BaZi - like I said, its a guide, it doesn't mean you will be accident free or have no money or relationship issues at the end of the day. It's just meant to help YOU be in control on what you can ultimately control (not to control ALL the impossibles).

It does make you know "the why" and how these problems arise and where! - is it from you or others? Can you learn from this - YES! - ultimately the same problems will always pop up in your life, as long as you you don't learn your lessons.. yes?

You would need to DO what you need to DO.

.. hope this helps you understand more on why you need to get your BaZI consult.

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