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What Cultural Change to expect in Period 9?

This post is inspired by the fact that today is International Women's Day - thus, here's my take about celebrating this special day

From a Chinese metaphysics perspective, the Resource star, Fire (more Ding) and Earth (more Ji) are related to "feminity". For example, Resource stars are nurturing, great listeners, great mothers, educators, beautiful, supportive, empathetic, compassionate etc.

But, beyond the attributes of these stars and elements, here are more profound insights into the roles of feminity in this day and age. Especially now that we are approaching Period 9 (Li Gua), more highlights will be put on "Feminity".

What will emerge (and/or) already is the feminine culture and the decline of masculine culture. A feminine culture is not just about "how pretty" does one thing looks. Instead, we are talking about the core values beyond financial matters. It is about the joy of the work they do, the idea of using their values, skills, people, doing the right thing for their mental being and quality of life-oriented. Support is essential in many aspects, such as physical, financial, spiritual, and even psychological.

As you may have already started observing by now, many large cooperations have begun spearheading their company and shaping their culture into this feminine expression. And the news is - this movement is not limited to only women. "Feminity" is a trait and has little to do with "gender". Although, of course, from how society has always been quite gendered stereotypical before this, perhaps it's easier for women to relate to the "feminity" nature. But it doesn't mean that this is only limited to women.

Just like how a Resource star in your BaZi chart - If your main profile or structure is a Resource star, it doesn't mean you're a woman when you're a man. Many men have been involved in this form of feminist expression as well. They, too, champion individual values in communities and projects.

With many years of raising awareness about women's rights, it seems now more than ever; Period 9 has brought the message of "empowering women" into a new chapter. It is no longer about the conversation of what women can do or should be doing; instead, it's moving towards the integration and acceptance of the feminine values and cultures into our daily lives and social interactions for greater compassion and appreciation of each other's values, rather than competition, aggression and focused on material success (yes, the masculine culture)

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