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Unlocking the Health Secret Code in BaZi & TCM

For many years, Chinese Metaphysics has been used a lot in health. The culture and practices of TCM was derived from the 5 elements. The relationship between the 5 elements are basic 101 of Chinese Metaphysics study.

So, when it comes Health, we tend to analyse that in a big picture as well. Not only we can read physical illnesses , but also emotional health from analysing your BaZi.

So lets start and look at the big picture.

Each elements represent a certain emotions and physical pain. A simple way of deriving these elements are here:

a. Fire Organs: Heart, Triple Heater, Pericardium & Small Intestine Emotion: Intimate & Social relationships, Joy, Happiness, Clarity/Discernment, Awareness

b. Earth Organs: Stomach & Spleen Emotion: Nourishment, Fulfilment, authenticity

c. Metal Organs: Lung & Colon Emotion: Ability to let go, Injustice, present d. Water Organs: Kidney & Bladder Emotion: Fear, Will power, Potential, Resources e. Wood Organs: Liver & Gallbladder Emotion: Planning, vision, perspective, growth How are we able to apply all these in the real life? – By knowing your own health condition, physically or / and emotionally you would be able to be more aware and most of the time, it is your lesson in this life to overcome the emotional / internal turbulence. So, don’t you think knowing your overall health constitutional are important all?

If you’re reading my blog for the first time , and for you to apply BaZi effectively, you can first plot your chart here:

And then you can refer to this chart below here:

Example : You can just refer to this summarise version

This person have an extreme Earth element in the chart. This could possibly mean that this person have some earth issues. You may or may not have manifested the condition through your organs such as stomach and spleen, but maybe you would want to also evaluate your internal feelings.

For example, those who have imbalance in their Earth element could often feel like its difficult to set boundaries, example – “If your boss wanted you to work over time but you already have an appointment set before that. The sign of having an earth imbalance is when you’re unable to say no, or if not feel frustrated because you’re unable to make boundaries” “Also, possibly you would also often feel that whatever you do, or achieve is its never enough”

How about you?

This could also be more prominent to those who have an extreme imbalance of a certain element. Of course for most of us, we have some imbalance. But the important this is that – you have to know where its coming.

Because only by knowing the root you would be able to overcome it correctly.

In diagnosing, the rule is simple : Which is, that one should aim to strive a balance in their elements. Only with that, one would be able to life a healthy life. Bear in mind, that health is more than just a physical condition.

The Act of Balance

In other words, health speaks a lot about our life lessons.

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