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Secrets to Mapping your 2020 Journey based on BaZi

Now that things are slowly opening up, at some countries maybe you can start running your business. Transports are starting to move again. But, we all know that your old plans doesn’t work anymore, and that wherever you were have shift. As my previous post have mentioned, 3 big shifts have happened , and because of those shift we have to shift to.

So, now you might need to re-map your path in the remaining 2020. So what are the crucial steps here:

  1. Identify, where you are right now, and where is your ending point (your ideal destination)

  2. Plan your activity -where should you want to focus on coming months based on your BaZi and opportunity (do you want to focus more on your health? your finances? relationship?)

  3. Plot your BaZi chart : here

  4. Understand your interaction of animal signs with each month. Why is this important for you? Lets put it in a metaphorical manner- The quality of the road , the journey and the experiences will be something that you might want to understand before you step in. You wouldn’t want to step into a rocky road, or perhaps if you want to, what are the necessary things that you need to get yourself prepared for?

  5. I put everything in an excel sheet, and I understood what would I ought to feel, face or experience. And, I’ll focus on my Do’s and Don’t‘s Example: Lets look into this random chart that I plotted

From here, I’ll transfer all the branches and analyse it together with the monthly chart

*putting aside quality assessment*

The thing is, this is just a guidance on how you want to go about the path of least resistance. Also, don’t freak out with the “Red” colour tab ie the clashes, the punishments and destructions etc, it only means that there are some struggles in that particular month and some lesson to learn.

So, how do I use this table here : Now, we’re at the month of May, I can see that there’s a clash on my Hour Pillar. And the rests are fine. Meaning, maybe I would be facing some doubts about my life direction, my aspirations and also maybe some challenges in my investment. Therefore, during this month, I should not be making rash decisions as my emotions about my dreams and emotions will be slightly off the hook.

So, what can I focus on? – Seems like its a good month for me to focus on my career, relationship and social activities. So, I’ll focus in there more. Rather than getting panic about my ideas, my aspirations and dreams. I’ll just need to follow the flow, even though this month will be slight “lost” in a way compared to the last. But because I know this is coming, I don’t take it so seriously. Also, it is a lesson for me to learn – because I really struggle to follow the flow when I’m lost

If you want to take it deeper, you can incorporate the 10 gods that is involved in your excel sheet, and do the analysis of 10 gods that is involved in the clash. For example, for my case, the clash involved here is my DO, EG and IW (DO = structure ; EG= ideas, quality and IW = innovation.). So, maybe I won’t be happy or satisfied, or maybe I’ll suffer more on delivering content that is systematic, that is why for this month’s content – I’ll already developed most of it last month 😀 , or if I have need to develop new content, I would probably know that its not going to be something original. Rather than using my EG, I’ll focus at my HO – which is at my Month palace – which I do not have any interaction with.

(In other words, stay tune for more of my videos!!!)

In a nutshell, by having my journey map I can:

  1. Plan my resources by monthly

  2. Adjust my schedules and to -do

  3. Avoid unnecessary and unwanted incidents

  4. Stay focused and productive

The whole idea to understand and know what is coming, is so that we can make preparation ahead and sometimes for a Geng, its good so that I don’t beat up myself so much. Each and every month, there is a specific approach on how and what we can do with our daily lives. So, how about you, why not you try it out yourself, or if not you can claim it from me- right here: I Want My 2020 Journey Map NOW

This usually cost – USD80 / per chart, and since this is something personalised, I am only limiting this for the first 10 person who will be claiming this! So first come first

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