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My First Post – What can BaZi bring you?

Hello everyone, my name is Esther (yay my first ever post!)

I wish to share my perspective and stories, however I was always a shy person to start talking about deep things with people. So, when I had this intuition that kicked in, I started to think “hey, why not go through blogging, and I can share them here, to whomever I can reach”.

Speaking about perspective and stories – I have many to tell. One of them is mine.

“I am a pharmacist by profession and turned into a Chinese metaphysics practitioner. So what is Chinese Metaphysics and how did I get into them? Its really a long story, but I’ll cut it short and share with you why is this relevant to you?

I’m just an ordinary person (and so I thought, perhaps im not? haha), who went through the similar process in life study, score amazing grades, went to university, got in and out relationships, got an amazing career, get married. Guess what too? I had a checklist, I had ALL of them ticked, and I thought I was good at everything because I was managing everything. Until one day, reality kicked in. Although I had everything but I had nothing (you get what I mean eh?). I went through an early stage of middle life crisis, I was forced to face my own fears, went through divorce and lost myself. I was desperate and had to seek all sorts of ways to find who I am, who I had become and what had made me this? Thats when I stumbled upon Chinese Metaphysics, so, I seek for a professional consult asking him about how to “Fix” me. Truth to be told, I wasn’t that impressed with the advices that I get, but I got more impressed with the TOOL that was being used. It was – BaZi, it is an amazing LENS of life…and, I decided to pick this study up and everything was HISTORY! :)”

What is BaZi? BaZi (八字) is the original term of Chinese Astrology and sometimes is also known as The 4 Pillars of Destiny or 8 Characters. Many people think that BaZi is about predicting the future, but its not. BaZi is a system that is used to understand your characteristics, and as a result that, we can guess what the outcome of things. We can see the likely problems that can occur as a result of your personality and characteristic but it is not carved in stone. The reason why Bazi is used is so that you can gain awareness to what is causing a certain problem and then you initiate the change to your favour. The whole idea is to create a destiny that YOU want, it is not to see what is your fate, why is your life so bad.

(example of a BaZi chart)

If you have read my post up till here, you must already be wondering how does my story and BaZi being relevant to you? Well, its simple, I want to share that :

  1. I learn to solve problems, because I see more perspective in solutions

  2. I learn to love myself, because I see more perspective in myself

  3. I am happier, because I see more perspective in life

Ultimately, I did not change, I just became a better version of myself. … through BaZi

The message that I want to deliver here is : If you want to solve whatever problem that it might be, good or bad one, or if you’re struggling to move on to another phase of your life – perhaps you need to rewire yourself and think about your “Perspective”. First step is always an awareness and the best tool to find that is through BaZi

Slowly and unknowingly I have helped quite some number of people with this amazing too, if you needed my help to. Do drop me a message and have a chat with me. You can reach me at my Facebook: Esther Chook / Intagram: estherchook

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