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Missing of a Wood Element in your BaZi?

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Guess what, if you have a missing element in your BaZi chart, you won’t feel much, because you don’t have it in the first place. But, it is other people that might be affected instead.

It is a similar analogy of selling a comb to a monk:

The Key Question is this : If you have a missing element, do you need to acquire missing element? Does it make any differences?

Although the comb may not be of use to the monk, but can they make it a good for others? The answer is yes, if they think out the box, and if it can make their life better, why not?

You might want to acquire this missing element if they are affecting you indirectly because the main focus point is about about you affecting people. Hence, in this post you’re going to understand how does the missing element going to affect people around you and indirectly to you.

How to identify a missing element? When we talk about missing element, bear in mind that we are referring to both yin and yang element. So, if you have one element of the yin element present, it still is not considered as a missing element.

An example of a missing element is like this:

Missing of a wood element

If you want to find out yours, plot your chart HERE

These are the key words when it comes to wood element – Growth, Building and Persistent. So, what if you are missing a wood element? Basically, you do not have any idea or concept what does it mean on slowly growing and build a strong foundation- like a tree. It is also very likely that you do not have much plans ahead. Although it may not seem to be the case or it could not have even crossed your mind or matter if you do not have a wood element. What is concerning tho, is when it comes to personal growth. As you might not have a strong foundation when developing yourself as an individual. And you sprint so fast, you wouldn’t even feel to get rooted. It is either you run very fast, or when you stop, you will collapse because you don’t have a “Root” to stand on the ground. Perhaps, you might also be someone who jumps into conclusion very quickly.

Anime Drag GIF - Anime Drag Running - Discover & Share GIFs

Imagine, you holding one person running in a marathon, and this person is not ready or as fast as you, but he’s being dragged by you. He will get tired eventually and move on his life without you. It is difficult to follow you, because you’re too fast. However, is this trait good or bad? Well, it really depends whether it is bringing you any negative experiences in life. There is no such thing as BAD per se. It needs to be put in context.

How about if we look into the perspective of health? Without any wood element could reflect in many ways, but I’m in a more to your face type of problem is Liver and Gallbladder, in which could lead to few possible problems such digestion (you either can’t lose or gain weight), eyes, sinew (tendons & ligaments), detox, menstrual pain. Bear in mind, all these could also mean energetically being affected, not just directly to the organs. Also, in an emotional perspective usually this person could either be extremely angry or not angry AT ALL. Of course lack of wood element would bring imbalances in other elements as well – such as fire, earth, metal and water, which I will be sharing it at other post.

But if you have no Wood in your Natal chart and it arrives in your Luck Pillar, like the chart below, meaning there is a possibility that you might have learnt the Wood attributes and carry forward to your life. Besides, it is more beneficial to experience it at young age, like the one in the chart. Because it is at a young age that you start developing your mindset. So the could carry forward in your life even though your natal chart doesn’t have any wood element.

Why are all these important?

In classical BaZi reading, when there is one missing element, it could most likely be the element that you need to balance out your chart. But at a new age reading, it doesn’t matter anymore, because we are focusing more into achieving a specific objective / goals using our potential that we have. We do not adhere with the old reading style of BaZi. If yes, it is affecting you in your day in day out life. What should you do?

The solution is to learn to slow down, learn how to build, learn how to understand rather than to know. You can apply this in relationship, company, leadership and yourself. Unlike health however, you can’t really escape but to pay attention on it. My advise is, it is crucial to pay attention on the anger and frustrated part – either you get really angry or not at all, is really bad for your health. A few possible things that you can do is this :

  1. Avoid fatty or fried food (Which will exhaust your liver!)

  2. Apple or / and apple juice can help clear the liver toxins

  3. Prevent binge eating when you’re angry or stressed

  4. Voice out your frustrations (or talk to a people who you can trust about what made you so angry. DO NOT KEEP YOUR ANGER)

  5. Coffee enemas can be quite a good liver cleansers

Also, it is very important to be aware. The imbalances that we have our chart doesn’t tell us that we are doomed rather it is telling us that there are specific “lessons” that you need to learn in life. You can disengage your autopilot and be in control of your own life. Want to understand yourself more? Feel free to make an enquiry through the form below: If you’re not sure, can always book a free 15 min session with me to find out more, you can book my timing here :

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