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MISSING FIRE Element in Your BaZi - Personality

This is a continuation of my #missingelementseries. If you want to look at other elements, you can refer to my previous post!

Once again, if you do not know yet, do plot your chart here, to find out whether you have a missing Fire element in your natal chart. If you do, it would probably look like this :

Keywords when it comes to FIRE Element: Joy, Passion and Enthusiasm

Things are a bit trickier if you do not have any fire element. The reason is that being the most Yang element among the rest, there will be an extreme difference in terms of personality and perspective. Just like how every other missing element concept, if you do not have that element you won't even find whatever I'm saying make any sense. Because you do not have any idea or concept on what does it feel like to have a fire element.

First things first, without fire, you might feel that it is quite difficult to find joy in many things you do. Most of the time, you might be this :

In a way, it is difficult to spark something in you. If you have a fire element, but weak, this could be a symptom too. Everything seems to be the same- FLAT.

Imagine a car without a spark plug, you can't really start an engine. Usually, one will also not able to look forward when there's no fire in the chart. But, if you do not have any fire element, you will not be bothered at all, because to you, it doesn't have any point, but it does affect people around them. How does it affect other people around you? People might find it difficult to work with you because you do not have the drive and motivation.

When people see you, its usually they will feel it's very gloomy, and immediately the mood will be quite dull. Its hard for people to feel lifted up when you're around or maybe make jokes. So, if you are the kind of person who cares about how people feel about you, YES, you most likely will be affected in some ways.

Another common thing is, that you might miss out some opportunities because many do not feel good around you because you are radiate a feeling of not wanting to get things done, and not enthusiastic.

That's is why missing fire will usually affect one person slightly greater than others because it relates a lot with joy and passion. However, that doesn't mean that you're going to be a sad log forever. All you need to do is to be aware of it. It's not natural for you to be as enthusiastic like some others. But that doesn't mean you're doomed for life. There are always other elements to utilize.

Always bear in mind that, joy, passion and happiness are important elements in life and that passion is created by you. It's not given to you. So, create your own passion and focus your life into constant learning and growing (wood element) because that is going to help you find happiness. Learn to make joy for yourself. To most sustainable happiness, comes from inside, so don't bother finding joy outside. With that, your energy will change and you will change how other people respond to you.

The imbalances that we have our chart doesn't tell us that we are doomed rather it is telling us that there are specific "lessons" that you need to learn in life. You can disengage your autopilot and be in control of your own life.

Want to know more about yourself and get out of the loop you're in?

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I'll be sharing more about health specifically about missing elements soon! Stay tune


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