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How To Pick Someones Brain Effectively Through Bazi?

I believe that everyone is learning something new these days due to the lock down, but some of you might struggle learning from some people while you sometimes you can learn really quickly from someone. Have you ever wonder, why? Now, why is this important for you – because of course you want to learn something from someone effectively right? Why waste your time learning from someone who can’t even tickle your brain?

Because there is such thing as affinity even when it comes to learning. The ability to learn is most of the time manifested by the presence of Intelligence Star in your BaZi chart, or if you don’t you can get it from someone else.

You can find that out through your chart. Go plot them at this link below:

If you are a Yang Day Master, your Intelligence Star could be either Pig (Hai), Tiger (Yin), Snake (Si) or Monkey (Shen) ; while being a Yin Day Master, your Intelligence Star could be either Rat (Zi), Rabbit (Mao), Horse (Wu) or Rooster (You).

So,what does it mean if you have an Intelligence Star? It basically means that you have the ability to breakdown something big into something small. In other words, compartmentalise your brain very quickly.

Do you have it? If, no, its fine. There are some charts that do not have it at their Natal Chart. The example below here is where one has his/her own Intelligence Star.

If you don’t have it in your Natal chart, not to worry, check out whether you have it at your Annual Luck Pillar or the Year.

When the Intelligence Star appear at different places, it does define different thing: Year – You are able to understand people easily. Month – Able to pick up skill , and acquire knowledge easily at your career Day – You are very intelligent as a person Hour – You have intelligent ideas (downside is, its hidden) Annual Luck Pillar – You will have the tendency to have a lot of learning opportunities and ideas for that 1 year Luck Pillar – You will receive a lot of opportunities to learn at that 10 years!

Despite all these, there are times we would also like to pick other’s intelligence and skill. But how can we tell who to pick from and what to pick? In order for us to learn a specific skill effectively we first need to identify these: 1 : ” The Right Mentor” 2 : “The Right Skill” Tips are here: Step 1: Identify who has your Intelligence Star. Affinity is the key – this person would be able to guide you on the specific skill that you can absorb easily Step 2: Identify where is the Intelligence Star reside on Step 3: Identify what is the hidden stem beneath the Intelligence Star

Example 1: Andy has Intelligence Star as PIG , and Sara has a PIG in her BaZi chart at her Month pillar. The hidden stem within Sara’s Pig is Ren, which is the Direct Office (DO).

Meaning, Andy can learn from Sara how to be systematic and discipline while working. The month pillar represents the career/work, and the DO represents being systematic and discipline.

Example 2: Mary has Intelligence Star as Rooster, and Larry has a Rooster in his Month pillar. The hidden stem within Larry’s Rooster is Hurting Officer (HO), which means, Mary can learn to how to improve her presentation skills from Larry.

Knowing your specific 10 gods are very important to know what skills for you to pick on from that person (your mentor). So to make things easy, try it out yourself. I’ve listed down all the 10 gods here for you to refer on and the skills you can pick!

EG – Problem solving & creativity HO – Presentation & public speaking skill F – Self development & 1-1 communication RW – Leadership & competitive IW – Investment DW- Management DO – Discipline 7K- Confidence DR – Analysing IR- Intuition & Seeing the big picture In fact, if you are well verse with your 10 gods and technical BaZi, what you can do is to work backwards, and FIND your mentor based on the skill set that you want to learn.

Finding your right mentor! (and brain)

I hope you would be able to pick up a few ideas on how these would work and apply these easily in your daily life

If you want to optimise your ability more specifically, feel free to contact me @estherchook !

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