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How to overcome your anxiety?

Recently, I have been talking a lot about anxiety, because as time passes by more and more people are experiencing it. Despite the fact that some countries are opening up once again, doesn’t mean we are all free from the lock-down anxiety, because there are a few times of anxiety.

Source : BBC News

In the recent article that I have read, in Malaysia itself, about 51% of those interviewed are experiencing anxiety disorder. To be honest, I believe that the numbers are way higher than that. Almost everyone have anxiety, but they do not know and its really dangerous to ignore such condition.

The key is to be aware and understand what kind of anxiety you are facing.

Also, recently I have a LIVE interview session with a acupuncturist, medical Dr and pscyhotherapist – he said that based on his experiences, many people have taken anxiety disorder for granted because the common feedback is that “I’ve always had them since young”. The thing is, it is not okay because “Anxiety” is not habitual and not natural. It is vital that everyone know that they have it and be AWARE of it.

In a western medical science perspective, only when one experiences severe anxiety – he/she will be diagnosed with either these few Generalized Anxiety Disorder,Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Panic Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Social Phobia (or Social Anxiety Disorder). And only then you will be prescribed with a proper medication for all these.

How about those non- qualify cases, whereby they have symptoms but not severe enough to be diagnosed? That, in western medicine we know – we always generalise it as “stress problem”, and there’s no other way to treat it and that is why, many just don’t care about them. But, it is a very unhealthy way of managing your mental and emotional health. We must not pretend that its okay, because everyone is doing the same thing about it. You have to understand the consequences about not managing your anxiety.

However, in a chinese medicine perspective , which is very much related to the chinese metaphysic perspective see Anxiety differently, and that we can determine it through your chart.

But first rule is to understand that – everyone is prone to anxiety, perhaps you might have experienced it several times in a life time. The key is to be aware of it and also to find the cause of it – and all these can be analysed through your BaZi chart.

There are 5 different types of Anxiety based on the 5 elements: 1. Anxiety associated with asking all the “what if” ie over thinking indicates an earth element problem Example : You’re asking too many questions before even started doing anything or maybe, even if you have done sufficient work / research upon something you are still fearful into doing it and you get really anxious to make a decision about it. This usually cause insomnia. 2. Anxiety associated with fear indicates a water element problem Example : You are constantly afraid of catching the virus, or maybe you are constantly paranoid about things that have yet to happen, or that you will be losing your job, or if not – NOT SCARED ABOUT ANYTHING AT ALL …etc 3. Anxiety associated with unable to connect indicates a metal element problem Example : You’re asking too many questions before even started doing anything or maybe, even if you have done sufficient work / research upon something you are still fearful into doing it and you get really anxious to make a decision about it 4. Anxiety associated with the anger indicates a wood element problem Example : If you gets very easily irritated and then feel annoyed about a certain incident. You will the to also take things quite personal 5. Anxiety associated with the joy and shyness a fire element problem Example : If you get too happy over small things – like I know someone who actually cries out of joy when someone give him a cup of water for free. He cried out of joy, and got really reactive over this incident. Or maybe you get overly shy to talk to people.

Although your BaZi chart can tell us about your anxiety, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you will HAVE it severely for your whole life. Knowing it through BaZi is to know what are the possible causes of it.

How can we see it from a chart? Example , for this lady’s chart here:

In this chart, we can see that – there is an excessive water , and almost non-existent of fire element because it is not even supported. So, in here we can say that – this person have a clear water issue and also fire issue in terms of health perspective. How to see?

  1. The weakest or the strongest element

  2. The element that is being control

Example – in here, water is very strong and water controls fire , so both water and fire element type of anxiety will be more prone to this person when times are hard – which is anxious that is associated over fear and joy/shyness. Sometimes, with an extreme side, she would not be even afraid of anything at all. Which is also the negative connotation of fear (we all need to have fear, but at a balance level)

Now, adding on to another layer, she is going through a Luck Pillar of Ren Water , her emotional tend to be slightly chaotic during these 10 years. She might need to be attentive on her emotional health particularly these period of time – and also during 2019 (Pig) , 2020 (Rat) and 2021 (Ox) – which are the water years.

The way to overcome this is really based on few steps : 1. Awareness – knowing it does exist 2. Understanding where is it coming from 3. Take conscious action to control it.

For her case, the purpose is to reduce the water element and strengthen her fire element, so she have to consciously take action to what fire element means to her. Her fire element in here represents her 7K and DO – which could mean several things : 1. She needs to work on her confidence level (and in order to get that, she needs to just take action and try out different things ie IW)

2. She could also probably work on her discipline

3. Also, having a partner could be beneficial for her as it will calm her down and will help her gain experiences

Of course all these are easier to be said than done, however, its a start. Only if this doesn’t work, then only perhaps you might want to adjust your Feng Shui, or perhaps practice Spiritual Qimen to help you gain courage or if not, therapy 🙂 So, now, what about you ? If you would like to know – you can plot your chart here and find out!

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