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How to be a better Xin 辛 Metal ?

Updated: May 5, 2023

This is the only Day Master (DM) where people will work hard to dig it up from the ground. A Xin 辛 DM, also known as the Yin Metal, can be recognized as diamond, jade or jewellery. They are unique and are like no other. A Xin 辛 is classy and elegant and gets all the attention because of its' unique beauty. That is why All Xin DM does not like to share the stage with other people.

This is because they must be the ones shining through and the centre of attention. Hence, the hallmark of Xin DM is that they tend to be more talkative than other DMs. Or even if they do not wish to talk - they are doing it to get some attention. However, although they can be open-minded, they can also be very stubborn. You may find that they have this superficial personality because of how much they pay attention to luxurious goods and materials. But this is their motivation to enjoy the finer things in life. The biggest fallback of Xin DM is that they are the type that can talk a good game but can't always fulfil those promises. And they tend to get moody when things dont go their way. Although they carry those "I don't care vibe", deep down, they are very sensitive.

However, then again, there are six different types of Xin DM around - which all have subtle differences; just like other shiny jewellery, they come in various forms and shapes.

Based on the classical text of Liu Bo Wen :

Text describes that Xin 辛 Metal is bright and shiny by nature. All Xin 辛 metal comes from the ground but it dislikes being covered by the earth because it's nature is to shine. The earth  here are either Ji 己 Earth, followed by hard soil, Wu 戊 Earth. However, it loves lots of Ren 壬 Water or Gui 癸 Water; it will moisten the earth and cleans the dirt from the surface of the diamond.

Xin 辛 Metal of abundant of Earth will not able to shine and feel good about themselves, which is an essential trait for a Xin DM.

The fundamental trait of all Xin 辛 DM is to be out there, shining and showing off their beauty. If the excessive earth is covering it, the Xin 辛 DM would never be able to bring its beauty to life. So, if you're a Xin 辛 DM, you must see your values and shine with them. The trick here is to use your Ren 壬/ Gui 癸 Water to clean up and push your way through the soil (which means some hard work). You may also need a little Bing 丙 Fire to help brighten up. Just a little will do - ensuring you are passionate and persistent with what you want to pursue in life. Then again, if the Bing 丙 + Xin 辛, it will produce water - creativity, forming a lustful combination。 In conclusion, it is positive to attract all the attention if you're a Xin 辛DM because that's how you are supposed to be. This itself will show your good quality traits.

Earlier, as I mentioned, there are six different types of Xin's - namely the Xin Chou 辛丑, Xin Mao 辛卯, Xin Si 辛巳, Xin Wei 辛未, Xin You 辛酉 and Xin Hai 辛亥.

1. Xin Chou 辛丑 - The Snow Queen
- This Xin is like a diamond which is pure and unpolished, which is still inside the frozen lake. Its presence is straightforward and robust because Xin is rooted upward. Thus, it is best visualized as the Snow Queen with its tiara. Xin Chou usually demonstrates a pretty looking visual person. It has an elegant, confident and noble vibe persona, and they carry itself well and will stand out. Besides that, they enjoy great food and finer things in life. However, they can get easily hurt and are sensitive about what people think about them. On top of that, this Xin Chou isn't as great in expression. So, when it comes to the first initial meeting, this usual vibe makes you feel like this person is distancing themselves.

2. Xin Mao 辛卯- The Trophy Xin
Xin Mao is the most delicate Xin and thus is visualized as The Trophy persona. Although this pillar may look softy because of its Yin nature that shows its charming side, romantic and beautiful. But this pillar is not one to look down on because it sits on its Wealth star. This means this pillar is very hardworking, authoritative, and ambitious. They are a firm believer in working hard and will get the results that they want. They have this strong willpower hidden beneath them and underestimated due to their appearances. However, this pillar often has trust issues and dislikes to show its vulnerability. That is why Xin Mao have to learn how to trust others and do not want to perceive receiving help as a form of weakness in life

3. Xin Si 辛巳 - The Brightest Xin
Among all the Xin, this pillar is the one Xin that you won't miss. Sitting on the Sun (Bing丙) brings out the immediate beauty and grace. They are people who you can't overlook and forget at first glance. Hence, this pillar is someone who depends a lot on their visuals to get ahead in life - and they know it themselves. But, they are not all just confident visual; Xin Si is very noble, intelligent and hardworking. They are very much into humanitarian work and are protective of their loved ones. But, the thing about Xin Si is they tend to get very serious and tensed up. And because they are the type that wants to get everything done in one go, it brings risk to what they can do things well. Thus, Xin Si must learn to prioritize and streamline its focus to deliver better results in one thing rather than many things.

4. Xin Wei 辛未- The Dull Diamond
Xin Wei is the diamond that is still very young, new and fresh - still sitting on the mining land. This represents that from the first glance of Xin Wei, it is unattractive and unpolished, but its real gem is hidden underneath the dirt and has a lot of hidden potential to unleash, which tells us that this pillar has to work harder compared to other Xins to shine. However, the good thing is that Xin Wei is naturally ambitious and wants to achieve a lot in life. And this is supported by its hidden stem of 7K and IW together. The thing to highlight about Xin Wei is that they can be entirely frivolous. And if they are not watchful, they can unnecessarily fall into their own trap of over-indulging. Also, due to the "earth" presence, Xin Wei is more insecure about their image. So they are EXTRA and cautious about how they look.

5. Xin You - The Sharp Xin
Eye-catching Xin, You are someone you can visualize like a diamond that cuts; having two blades = SCISSORS. It is the most Xin among all the Xin; however, it is not the most attractive Xin - instead, it is a very functional Xin. Xin You are brilliant, charismatic, charming, persuasive and have a great sense of humour and witty - highly sarcastic. They make the best comedians around because their words are razor-sharp. They are not the type that plays safe in life - risk to them is fun and brings joy to their life. They have absolutely no issues going with the flow and facing weird or unseen life challenges. However, they are very sensitive to critics and sometimes do not take them well.

6. Xin Hai - The Pearl in the Oyster
The gem under the sea: is no other than the Pearl, which is the best representation of Xin hai. They are beautiful, creative and artistic. It can easily attract, charm and be persuasive. This Xin makes a good leader and is very good at carrying themselves well. They are excellent thinkers and strategists. However, Xin Hai does not do well under pressure. They can get frustrated, impatient, worried and indecisive. And worst, this will bring up the negative traits of Xin Hai, which is going everywhere pursuing unnecessary things, which will lead them to feel doubtful about themselves. Hence, being focused and disciplined will help them manage things better when faced with issues like this.

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