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How to be a better Wu 戊 EARTH?

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Wu Earth 戊 is the only DM which can stand the test of time. The Wu Earth 戊, also known as the Yang Earth, can be envisioned as mountains, immovable land features, and sometimes big rocks. Over the years of evolution and civilization, Wu Earth will always be around and hardly make a difference. That makes them very reliable, stable and independent & The person who have seen it all! Wu Earth DM are caring and protective, especially with those around them.

Wu Earth DM can stay impartial and self-sufficient despite the changes in the external world. Besides, they hold on to secrets and knowledge and don't share much of their feelings with others. Not that they want to hide things from you, but they are generally more reserved and don't find "sharing" a necessary thing to do. Just like all immovable mountains and rocks, they can sometimes be extremely stubborn and hard to "move", i.e. always prefer to stay within their comfort zone.

However, once they kick start their momentum, they will generally keep the momentum going. Imagine a big round rock; hard to get it moving, but once it moves, it starts crushing everyone in the way.

Similarly, like all Day Master - they have subtle differences only because they come with six different branches.

According to the old classical text of Liu Bo Wen,



The text describes that all Wu Earth DM is essential in being the centre of mother earth and nature. As a mountain exists on the ground gives contour , shape and creates boundaries so that the ocean does not flood the whole land. Hence, a good quality Wu 戊 Earth DM is best to come with roots, meaning sitting on another Wu Earth hidden stem 戊辰 & 戊戌. Moreover, a mountain must be stacked and solid to quality as a great mountain because, no matter what happens underneath the earth, the Wu Earth will withstand changes, i.e. clashes. Thus, Wu Earth DM, which has a strong mountain, does not feel many changes or effects during clash times.

Earth has no specific season, so it appears to be strong during spring and summer. In comparison, it weakens during autumn and winter. Wu Earth DM is born during Spring and Summer; it is essential to have water Ren 壬 (7K) or Gui 癸 (DO) to make the earth fertile so that matter, Geng 庚 (EG)  and Xin 辛 (HO) can be produced by the mountain. Without these precious stones, all Wu DM won't have anything valuable to provide with time. While if Wu Earth DM is born during Winter and Autumn, it is essential to have heat, such as Ding 丁(DR) and Bing 丙 (IR) , to ensure that Geng 庚 (EG) and Xin 辛(HO) will not crack and will take shape.

Thus, heat and cold are also essential for Wu Earth DM to output and productivity over time.

The next part is to understand which or how Wu Earth you are. In total, there are six different types of Wu Earth. Although all are still mountains, they are very different as well.

1. Wu Zi 戊子: The Mysterious Wu

Among all the Wu Earth DM, Wu Zi is different because it's very mysterious. Imagine it's a mountain but covered with fog and mist. Wu Zi possesses some form of mysteriously; "I want to know more attractiveness towards others. On top of that, this Wu Earth is one of the Six Elegance Days (usually physically attractive in person). Despite how beautiful and exciting they are to others, they are very insecure because of their conflicting personalities - Wu, which doesn't move, and Gui, which moves around. In a nutshell, emotions can be their biggest enemy. However, they are still very dependable, determined, hardworking and practical. All Wu Zi must ensure that they manage their emotions before it takes over them.

2. Wu Yin 戊寅: The Ambitious Wu

This day pillar is the more scenic mountain ever. Imagine a hill/ mountain covered with lush, beautiful greenery. It is the most beautiful thing we can ever imagine in nature. They appear very strong, confident and assertive. With the 7K as the main Qi, a Wu Yin is someone competitive and has a strong desire to attain power and fame. Growing up, you may notice a Wu Yin, which can be slow and need more support and patience than others. However, once they have attained their stability, they shine beautifully. It is because both the nature of Wu Earth, solid ground and Jia Wood, a tree - take time to build their dynamic. Their motto is all about slow and steady, outlasting everyone else. Besides that, Wu Yin can quickly get frustrated and stressed out, especially when they get upset. And when that happens, they will risk taking action hastily. They may have to work to control their temper.

3. Wu Chen 戊辰: The Talented Wu
Wu Chen is among the best Wu DMs, as it comes in a natural solid structure. This pillar is brilliant and multi-talented. They make very steady and good leaders. Besides that, they are very hardworking, persistent and determined. They are one person who can endure obstacles and challenges very well. However, Wu Chen can push themselves too hard sometimes. Although they are very talented and intelligent, they always feel like something is not enough, and they constantly make themselves learn and evolve and never stop. This restlessness may hold them back, and they may be blinded to the real reason they are doing anything in the first place. A Wu Chen can be very stubborn as well. So, Wu Chen should know and recognize small wins and successes. With that, the journey will be more purposeful.

4. Wu Wu 戊午 - The Active  Wu
This mountain is HOT and DRY. If you put an image to it, Wu Wu is like a volcano. Therefore, just like a volcano, it erupts! - yes, very short tempered. However, they are people who are super fun to have around; unlike other Wu DM, who may seem a little more unexpressive, Wu Wu is active, fun, intelligent, motivated and passionate about what they do. Although they have a lot of talents, they are not the most organized person. Besides that, they can be pretty restless and controlling. That is why they need to learn organizational skills from a young, and discipline is critical. That will help them keep themselves more grounded and achieve success in life. Because of the intense Ding Fire hidden within the mountain, Wu Wu can be emotionally unstable regarding relationships with others. They can also be sometimes hard to deal with and unpredictable, and their struggle to find inner peace within themselves can impact how they interact with their friends. However, they are loyal once they have you as a trusted friend.

5. Wu Shen 戊申 - The Dynamic Wu
Among all the Wu DM, Wu Shen is. They are like the mountain railway. They are The one who looks solid and sturdy from the outside, and yet deep down, it is genuinely just empty and always seeking something to fill it up. That is why, naturally, all Wu Shen are very curious and function through their instinct very well, which makes them very dynamic and adventurous individuals. They love to explore, travel to new places and meet new people. They like to be challenged and dislike being in a dull and uninspired environment. They prefer to have things spiced up a little more and become a better person in that space. Because of how intuitive, they tend to be attracted to the spiritual pursuit, whatever it may be. However, deep down, they can be vulnerable and unsubtle. It is not unusual for Wu Shen to be consumed by anxiety.

6. Wu Xu 戊戌 - The "Hardest" Wu
Wu Xu is pretty similar to Wu Chen. The only technical difference is in its weather. As an image, Wu Xu is a rocky, edgy, hard mountain. This pillar is also a Fui Kong. This defines Wu Xu as a personality: Straightforward and righteous but sometimes can be a little bit too harsh (When the chart is extremely dry). Although they may look very hard to approach and sometimes intimidated by some, Wu Xu is this empathetic, selfless, and in need of affection person. Many times, they look aloof, but it is only for self-protection and to prevent themselves from getting hurt. Others are drawn to Wu Xu because of their confidence and assurances. Wu Xu is one person who doesn't mind getting their hands dirty. However, their self-confidence will get dampened, then self-doubt, and when they are not inspired at all. They can be quite cynical at times, and so they need to learn how to have faith in themselves. Otherwise, they tend to get dissatisfied with everything that is happening around them.


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