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How to be a better Ren 壬 Water ?

Updated: May 5, 2023

Ren Water壬 is the Yang counterpart of the Water element. It is the only Yang day master who can adapt to changes easily. Because Ren DM is active, they are also swift and robust. Imagine a big wave in the ocean; that is characteristic. Moreover, Ren Water DM people are visionaries. Like an ocean, they are big, able to see things from afar. Hence, they are always thinking one step ahead of others. Ren Water DM are brilliant, creative and innovative. Hence they are continually known as the "entrepreneurial" among all the other 10-Day Masters. Moreover, all Ren Water DMs have this innate ability to deal with people of authority.

However, despite all the positives of a Ren Water DM, they are very susceptible to emotional matters. As a result, they can be very emotionally unstable - i.e., one minute happy and another minute just sad. That is why all Ren Water DM need to manage their emotions overall.

There are six types of Ren Water DM because there are six pillars of Ren Water DM. Although they have similar traits, there are slight differences, which I explain here.

According to the old classical text of Liu Bo Wen,





The text describes that Ren Water can reduce the Metal Qi (as the production cycle) ~ FYI, it reflects if you're a Metal Day Master -especially Geng DM.

The quality of Ren Water DM comes from its "strength"; however, when it becomes too strong, the water can become unmanageable, which is not great for a Ren Water DM. If a person falls into the Ren Water DM category that is too strong, they may experience a self-destructive dynamic due to emotional issues.

What is considered too "strong", and it becomes unmanageable?

It is when there's a Gui Water Heavenly stem and the presence of Earthly branches of Shen (Monkey) + Zi (Rat) + Chen (Dragon) that it forms a Water frame combination.

That is why, for every Ren Water DM, it is advisable to have a WOOD element, either a Jia (Yang Wood) or (Yi Wood), to deplete the overly emotional Ren Water DM.

What does it mean by that in reality? It means all Ren Water DM must learn to express themselves well and communicate to manage their emotions. The Wood Element in Ren Water DM is the output element, which reflects "communication" and "expression".

Alternatively, if you have a heavenly stem Ding Fire, it is also beneficial, as Ren Water combines with Ding Fire and finds balance because it transforms into Wood.

Hence, it is always tricky when it comes to Ren Water DM - you must be strong but not too strong.

Whenever a Ren Water DM seeks success, I suggest considering the age-old adage, "No pain, no gain."

The presence of Wu Earth is also beneficial to Ren Water DM, as it provides the purpose and assists in forming a vision as a Ren Water DM. However, because Wu Earth means the 7 Killings in all Ren Water DM, it also means that all Ren Water DM have to go through stressful challenges and take risks to recognize their purpose and succeed.

Although it may seem harsh, as a dynamic and powerful element like Ren Water DM, your virtues are meant for something significant and grand. After all, you are the "OCEAN".

For the next part, identify what pillar of Ren Water DM you are. As mentioned earlier, despite the similarities among all the Ren Water DM, you guys have some slight differences - There's a Ren Zi, Ren Yin, Ren Chen, Ren Wu, Ren Shen and Ren Xu

Here's where you can refer to your Day Pillar :

1. Ren Zi 壬子 - The Volatile Ren

Ren Zi would be the most volatile Ren Water pillar of all. With that, they portray a persona of an ambitious, creative, and a great leader/mentor. However, they are often misunderstood, as there is more than just meets the eye for Ren Zi. Ren Zi is an image of an iceberg on the water. Being seen as someone confident, independent and assertive, they often use these as a veil to conceal their insecurities from the view of others. With bottling up emotions, they may end up being lonely and sad. In this sense, Ren Zi's most important lesson is a personal journey: they constantly seek their WHYS and always look for answers to unsolved problems. That is why they rarely or never ask people / or tend to solve problems themselves. With that being said, what's essential for them is stability and security, which is for the presence of Wu Earth (7K) in their chart and the Wood element (EG / HO), where they can manage their emotions betters. Ren Zi is often perceived as having a dual persona, mainly if they were born in the winter and their BaZi chart shows a strong "Cold" influence. However, as the saying goes, "still waters run deep," and it's crucial for Ren Zi to prioritize inner peace and practice mindfulness throughout their life to navigate life's challenges.

2. Ren Yin 壬寅 - The Spiritual Ren

Ren Yin pillar is warmer and portrays a more vibrant personality than Ren Zi. Ren Yin's image is similar to the Amazon forest. It is dense, mysterious and has a hint of sunlight. However, like all Amazon forests, it may look beautiful from the outside, but we are still determining what is inside. In reality, they may seem charismatic, resourceful and friendly, but deep down, there is something that we can't see. This Ren Yin pillar has the habit of self-critics and feels inadequate in whatever they do, sometimes leaving them discontented or vexed. In addition, this would appear even more when they have a full ungrateful punishment in the BaZi chart, i.e. the presence of Shen + Si. Therefore, they can be offensive, stubborn and dominating. But this personality does not define a person's character as "good" or "bad". It is just; they can be critical of the self and others. The key is really to focus on communication! Express healthy. But, with that, they are highly intuitive and driven with a passion for achieving specific goals, making them a successful candidate for business (the caveat is - it has to be something they are passionate and honest about). For this pillar, they must be in touch with their spiritual and intuitive side to be on their path.

3. Ren Chen 壬辰 - The Warrior Ren

This pillar is one of the best Ren Day pillars, as the hidden stems go very well together in supporting Day Master. From an imagery perspective, this pillar is beautiful; it is an image of a waterfall. They may seem sensitive, but they firmly believe in overcoming obstacles in life, so they often become very successful. This pillar is also known as the Fui Kong / Kui Gang 魁罡, which is a meaning of born fighters and survivors. Besides that, they are very ambitious, always aim high and be the star of their game. They have a great vision and insight into opportunities. Besides that, this pillar is a hard worker, which is a plus point but can also be negative when it makes them lethargic and tired. Although as tough as Ren Chen may seem to be, they yearn for emotional security and sometimes may react in the way of impulsiveness. What's beneficial for them is that they should delve into their philosophy, politics and spiritual side. This will help them expand their wisdom, which helps them learn from their obstacles quickly. This will give them the strength to stop, reflect, rejuvenate and get back on the right track.

4. Ren Wu 壬午 - The Passionate Ren

Ren Wu pillar holds the image of the geyser. It has a strong personality that is bursting out from its ground. So, if you ever know a Ren Wu, it's usually clear - their energy is pretty explosive. However, like all warm water, it is comforting and has a great heart. Relationships, family and love are the primary things in their life. But, because of their strong passion, it can also be a downside. Ren Wu pillar can be emotionally unstable (unlike the strong water, this is more like crazy fire) due to impatience. So, be more mindful of heart-related problems or, if not, blood relation issues such as high blood pressure if there's any Zi (Rat) in the chart. However, because of their inner fire, they are hard workers towards whatever they believe and are good at what they do. This guides them to succeed towards what they love doing (keyword: LOVE DOING!). One thing about Ren Wu is that they are highly organized and someone who works in a system well. With that, they stand a great deal of importance regarding work efficiency, which sometimes can translate to being too bossy or arrogant. Hence, this is something that Ren Wu should be aware of

5. Ren Shen 壬申 - The Sentimental Ren

Ren Shen is best portrayed as the sunken ship. They can be someone who tends to be more sentimental and attached to the past. They are intelligent, wise and creative. However, they can be quite sensitive because of their nature of being soft-hearted and yet quick-tempered. Sometimes, they can easily be misunderstood as dramatic. Ren Shen has a unique character. They possess scepticism and innocence but act spontaneously based on their strong instincts. Behind this persona, Ren Shen is charismatic, friendly, and practical. They have sharp minds and tend to speak their mind, often fighting for the right cause. Ren Shen is productive, pragmatic, and has excellent organizational skills. Ren Shen tends to view everything in life as a competition, and they always want to emerge victor. How can they do that? They can accept the unexpected and be comfortable with risks would bring out an effective Ren Shen. This would push them to use their intuition. Once this occurs, they can be very independent and strive for success. But just be mindful of being over-stubborn and overbearing. Ren Shen's personality is generally high-spirited and playful, but they require solitude from time to time to reflect and relax on their reflective side.

6. Ren Xu 壬戌 - The Balanced Ren

Ren Xu is an image of a dormant volcano overseeing the ocean. It is similar to Ren Chen, but Ren Xu portrays a more balanced and more "elegant" version. This Ren pillar is among all the Ren pillars considered the most stable and balanced. Ren Xu has nice social skills, and the hidden fire is a charismatic and intelligent trait that can attract many people under their care. Ren Xu is considered the most diplomatic and nurturing Ren pillar as well. They are witty and easygoing. I love to be with people and often inspire them with originality and authenticity. They have a wise understanding towards humanity and are more inclined to arts and philosophy. One quality to pay attention to Ren Xu is when they start "talking" more than "listening" more. Sometimes Ren Xu struggles to recognize their confidence and may become overly focused on their ego. This can lead to indecision and worry, which often stems from a desire for approval from others. To overcome this, they need to gain more knowledge and wisdom, which will help them have greater faith in themselves. They should prioritize self-discipline and focus on cultivating their mental potential. It's important to avoid impatience and the desire for quick fixes.

I hope you enjoyed this post. To find out more about Bazi , chinese metaphysics, personal growth and development, do stay connected


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