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How to be a better Jia 甲 Wood?

Updated: May 5, 2023

I am starting my Day Master series with the first in the cycle , which is the Jia 甲

Naturally when we imagine a 甲, we image a tall tree. But then again, there are many different type of trees that exist in the world and that would be an interpretation of the 60 Jia Zi of all the 6 甲 pillars , which I have explained the subtle differences below.

As you can see, despite the differences they are all still trees. - ie tall, sturdy and progressive. By nature, they need resources from surrounding to grow, and obviously their growth takes time. That is why sometimes, you might noticed that 甲 children are slower learners, so be patient with them during infancy stage. They are one of the most stubborn Day Masters exist and they hold on to things until death. They are also known to have the least adaptability skills, straightforward and enigmatic... ahem, territorial too. They are a pillar of benevolence. They do not favour popularity, and put emphasis on principles and integrity.

...So, based on classical text talks about the nature of this 甲 , Yang Wood :

甲木參天,脫胎要火, 春不容金,秋不容土, 火熾乘龍,水蕩騎虎, 地潤天和,直立千古。

It means that all 甲 needs 丙, 癸 and during its infancy, as a tree needs a moist soil and sun to grow tall. Overflowing of water, meaning collective water, 壬 or too much 癸 will rot the roots and make the roots losing its ability to hold the soil 己, thus creating an erosion. During it's infancy stage, the 甲 is not ready to be pruned, thus if a 甲 meets a 庚 during this period of time ie assuming it is at autumn where Wood Qi is weak and Metal is strong, 甲 will not be good quality.

Thus, it is very important to let the 甲 Day Master people to be having enough Sun and moist soil while growing up as a child. However, the purpose of a 甲 is to grow , so that it can be useful ie, to transform themselves logs into a furniture or (burn woods). To make that happen, the only way is for 甲 to use their 庚 , after they have been grown to certain size, ie when they are an adult. That is how a 甲 is going to be (or feel) useful by contributing "part" of them to others to be used. After all, an over-grown tree is useless and not serving its purpose.

With that being said, it is still going to be a painful experience despite fulfilling its purpose. Imagine being chopped by an axe, ouchhh ! However it is necessary process, as this is the purpose of why 甲 exist in the ecosystem. It is to support and provide for 丁 to continue to burn. To live it's purpose, 甲 must repeat the cycle of such. No pain, no gain (Ask every 甲 you know!)

As mentioned earlier, there are in total six different 甲. Because 甲 is a Yang element, thus it will only match with 6 of the Yang Earthly Branches. Together, it will form 6 different 甲 Pillars

which are the following : 甲 Zi , 甲 Yin, 甲 Chen, 甲 Wu 甲 Shen & 甲 Xu

Each 甲 has slight differences , as we can't always assume that all 甲 Day Masters all the same, right? By understanding the Earthly branches that within each 甲 will help you bring your understanding of Day Pillar to a more sophisticated level - So, which is the most intelligent & wise 甲? , which is the most creative 甲? Which is the most stubborn of all 甲?

1. 甲 Zi - The Intellect 甲

Because it is sitting on it's own Resource star, which is also the water element. By nature, the water element represents wisdom and intelligence. Together with a Resource star, I would say its one of the smartest Resource around. This could be one of the Jia's that refrain changes due to its tendency to fall into its comfort zone. However, if born in Winter especially Nov - Dec month, this pillar would be affected thus manifesting the negative traits more.

2. 甲 Yin - The Purest 甲

I would say that 甲 Yin is the purest form of 甲 because it manifest most of its traits. It is the most straightforward one, the most stable one and the toughest one (solid wood). Why, it is because - what you see is what you get! To change this type of 甲 is the hardest, and the only way to change them is it almost IMPOSSIBLE , unless you chop it down. Thus, do not try to put too much force on it. It's best to convince and influence this tough one, not put FORCE.

3. 甲 Chen - The Spiritual 甲

This 甲 sits on a Wu earth element. Technically, it is like a tree growing on a mountain / hill. Because it grows in the mountain and both have been around for quite sometime, it is said that this 甲 has seen it all and knows it all, thus it has a lot hidden talents. This pillar is one of the 10 spiritual pillar. Meaning, they tend to be more inclined towards spiritual practices with time. Although being a risk taker, but it is not hasty due to its stability in nature. It is also very talented intelligent, creative and persuasive. It does have many talents, but it's just mostly hidden and unnoticed at it's first impression.

4. 甲 Wu - The Burnt 甲

Wanting to be seen and known, this pillar rather burn itself to get that attention! This pillar, constantly wants to solve problems and inspire. Most of the time, they tend to challenge the status quo and willing to burn themselves down just to proof their point is right. In other words, they tend to give so much that they harm themselves (and don't mind doing it). That is why, for this pillar to be in good shape, best for it to have enough water around the chart, as a resource to grow itself.

5. 甲 Shen - The Great Executor 甲

By being the best executor, I would say its leadership qualities are one of the best. This pillar have a strong purpose and drive. In life, they are usually the one that "sacrifice" itself, for the sake of other's comfort. They are the type that, lead and open the path for other with its own sacrifice. They will say "YES" despite knowing it's a losing end. I would say, perhaps this 甲 is the most productive one because they make thing happen and get things done. Usually in career, this person places an excellent CEO.

6. 甲 Xu - The Story-Teller 甲

- Just like 甲 Chen, 甲 Xu have many hidden talents but the key differences are that 甲 Xu is more ambitious and it's talents can be seen more by others. It has more tendencies to share it's knowledge, let people know what they know, and make this knowledge to help others. However, 甲 Xu will portrait more inner-conflict due to its presence of HO attacking DO. Thus, for a 甲 Xu female, relationship is naturally quite... challenging.

.. but just a disclaimer here, this is just a reading of ONE DAY PILLAR, for understanding purpose. At the end of the day, the influence of the month, year and hour pillar does play a significant role in changing the traits of this person. So, this is post, is based on an assumption that you are just reading one pillar without any influence of other pillars.

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