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How to be a better Gui 癸 Water ?

Updated: May 5, 2023

This is one of the most difficult Day Master to "catch". A Gui 癸 DM, also known as the Yin Water, can be visualised like a raindrop, mist, or vapour. They are mysterious and mischievous by nature. Crave for freedom and dislike being tied to mundane tasks. They are gentle, creative and likeable by nature, and they make friends quickly. One of the key hallmarks of a Gui DM is its incredible sense of nurture. Gui DM makes one of the best mentors and teachers. Imagine rainwater growing and "feeding" the tree or plant.

All Gui DM likes to spend time inside their own head/world. Thus, at one glance, they may be seen as being very introverted, or if not isolated from others. That is why it is always hard to know and understand Gui DM fast. It takes time to understand them as they are unpredictable and moody. However, they can get affected by their surroundings quickly, tend to be quite fickle-minded, and never put them in any pressured situation. (Now, imagine a pressure cooker - it will steam out!) Thus, one of the biggest fallbacks for a Gui DM is their ability to focus; they can't stick at one thing.

However, there are six different types of Gui DM around, which forms the 60 Jia Zi - all of which have subtle differences. Just like other raindrops as well. Some may appear as heavy rain, some appear as dew, and others as just vapour or cloud.

Based on the classic Chinese text of Liu Bo Wen

癸水至弱,達於天津, 得龍而運,功化斯神, 不愁火土,不論庚辛, 合戊見火,化象斯真。

It describes that Gui Water is the ultimate most Yin element among all. Thus, this is one of the statements that states that all Gui Water DM is pretty childlike - because they are the last in the stem. So, do not be surprised if they act like a child even after they turn 50 years old. Generally, this statement only mentioned that it is not afraid of anything else, or need anything else for its survival, as it roams around freely.

However, they are "afraid" of the Ji 己 Earth, as Gui DM will get contaminated.

It is not that easy to be contaminated, as the POSITION of Ji Earth matters. Only if the Ji Earth is found next to the Gui DM side by side at the heavenly stem - then it is considered contaminated. Contamination in real life means confusion of thoughts (murky, muddy water)

On the other hand, Gui DM likes to combine with Wu 戊 Earth - as Wu Earth is tall enough for the Gui DM to reach. However, this is not a favourable combination. We often do not like to see such a combination at a natal chart when the Gui DM is weak, creating a confused Gui DM personality.

The fundamental need of a Gui DM is to always "water" the plants. It only means that all Gui DM can't sit still and always need to find something to do in real life. (The clouds move everywhere and water the plants, right?) So, if you are a Gui DM, and if you do not feel well, try to get out of your routine and do something all the time. That itself is rejuvenating for you as a Gui DM. But, in addition, it serves a purpose as your Day Master.

That is why, if you ever see a Gui DM, who does nothing all the time, or perhaps living on its routine, most of the time, they feel like "something is missing" because it is literally against their nature. How do you see a healthy Gui DM? - They are as random as you can imagine

So, as mentioned, there are six other Guis - namely: Gui Chou 癸丑, Gui Mao 癸卯, Gui Si 癸巳, Gui Wei 癸未, Gui You癸酉, and Gui Hai癸亥.

1. Gui Chou - The Frosty Gui

This Gui is the "coldest" of all. If you want to imagine some form of image for Gui Chou - imagine "snow" during the winter, yes, they are the Snowflake. Just like any snowflake, it is cold by its look. That is why they can be mistaken as unapproachable due to their cool vibe. A Gui Chou configuration is made to be very self-sufficient, independent, and very hands-on. This personality is also why they often do not ask for help or assistance because they have this nature of "I can do everything myself". Gui Chou indicates an earthy-like influence element as a very independent thinker, reserved and private. However, they tend to feel quite lonely inside due to their introspective behaviour, making them highly stubborn, rigid, and narrow-minded, which might slow down their progress in life. They, too, have a nature of striving everything in perfection.

2. Gui Mao- The Professor Gui

A Gui Mao is knowledgeable, sitting on an Eating God and Yi stem. They have great sharp minds and are very quick-witted. They crave knowledge and will most likely do great in academic success. This pillar is also a natural mentor or nurturer/teacher among all the Guys, as, by nature, it is sitting on the Yi (Plant). Its essence is to guide and teach; however, this Gui always seeks its home, ground, and sense of belonging behind this creative, witty personality. An individual with this pillar tends to have more muscular attachments to material possessions to feel in "somewhere". Some might see a Gui Mao as detached, cold, indifferent, or even diva-like. And it is true that sometimes, Gui Mao may incline to allow their mind to run away and potentially become quite eccentric in their approach.

3. Gui Si - The Noble Gui

This Gui sits on its three nobles, the DW, DR & DO, which means a noble man's life by default in a traditional setting. If you imagine Gui Si as an image, you will see rain in the summer, which is quite a beautiful image, and it is when a rainbow will start to form. Even though its water is cold, this pillar is warm, loving, and charming. A Gui Si has this magnetism that attracts others to look at them. I am not surprised why many celebrities are Gui Si. It is because they are just likeable! They are friendly, intelligent, outgoing, witty, and quick learners. To them, financial stability is critical and often is the driver for them to attain success and overcome obstacles in life. If at the right mindset, they can be wealthy. But then, they can be stubborn if they want to, as they can be pretty fixated with how they want things to be. Then again, their downfall is usually caused by their sense of insecurity where they are not good enough. This Gui Si often likes the attention and wants to be flattered and praised. They need that acknowledgement in their achievements - i.e. praise or rewards (whichever it may be) for them to feel motivated.

4. Gui Wei - The Spiritual Guru

This pillar is the most yin pillar in all the 60 pillars. Thus, Gui Wei is the most spiritual among all the spiritual pillars. Imagine a Gui Wei; it is an image of a geyser field. Subtle but powerful when under pressure (it shoots up!). Those of this pillar are constantly in search of something in life. Generally, they tend to question the universe at some point in life and will use this lifetime to pursue to discover the unknown. Thus, they can be pretty restless deep within until they find an answer to their question. Besides that, they can be quite a perfectionist; their attention to detail is vital in their work. Gui Wei is also very intuitive, and sometimes they can't explain "how they feel" because, at times, it just doesn't come by any logical facts. That is why it is said that a Gui Wei needs to learn how to trust their instincts and, most importantly, distinguish their intuition from fear and not get overwhelmed by it. It is a pillar filled with gifts and kindness. However, Gui Wei is also very sensitive emotional and tend to get very anxious if things get overwhelmed in their life. Thus, they may need to learn boundaries and detachment in life to find peace within themselves.

5. Gui You - The Sensitive Gui

Gui, You is sitting on its Indirect Resource (IR) with the Xin element. A Gui tells a knowledgeable, strategic, and driven personality with a Xin. Although they may not portray that kind of aggression like a Yang Stem do, they are motivated to take necessary actions. They are often guided with their feelings and intuitions and single-minded in what they want. Their crucial success is about their strategic planning & ability to focus. All Gui You tho needs to be careful when greed and ego starts to take over them

6.Gui Hai - The Stormy Gui

It is a very mysterious pillar; as you can imagine, it is an image of deep water in dark skies. Thus, it is the most unpredictable Gui possible! They are considered those who do not take the conventional route and therefore always seek new knowledge and interest. They love not only freedom but also the freedom to express themselves. So you might not want to be in their way if they want to do something. Besides, a routine lifestyle is not ideal for such a personality. Gui hai can be quite extroverted, sociable and have natural leadership skills. The combination of these qualities would help them achieve a great deal of success in life. However, such a pillar can sometimes be quite self-centred and overly confident. When manifested negatively, such pillars can be oppressive, controlling and they feel that everything in the world revolves around them. This will make the individual volatile, impatient and unstable (like a heavy storm!)

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In general, is having a 癸戊 combination as bad if the Gui DM is strong?

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