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How to be a better Ding 丁 Fire?

Updated: May 5, 2023

(In continuation of How to be a better Day Master series) ....

Here, I will talk about the Ding (丁) Fire DM the Yin Fire . Unlike the very fierce yang Fire Day Master, which you can read here , the Yin Fire by nature is different. The first thing about all Yin Fire is that - you can never miss it, especially when it is dark. It is beautiful, enchanting & illuminating. It resembles the image of a candle or cauldron, or if not the star or a torch. It could be any of those depending on what branch it comes with. What I am saying is that, although we can describe the Yin Fire Day Master, like the warm, bright, elegant and beautiful, it can still appear in six different types, as there are six other possibilities a Ding fire can occur with, which I will go through one by one. And that would be the interpretation of the 60 Jia Zi for Ding fire.

(Image Credit : Unsplash) - Candle light

(Image Credit : Unsplash) - Cauldron Fire

(Image Credit : Unsplash) - Stars

(Image Credit : Unsplash) - Reflective lights

However, one common similarity that we can observe among all the Ding DM is its warmth, passion and ability to bring out the best in people during bad times. As by nature, it brightens up our vision in the dark. Motivational speakers are Ding Fire DM - such as Tony Robbins (see why the famous FIRE WALK now?). People often underestimate the power of Ding Fire DM because of its soft, elegant look and accomodating by nature. However, within the soft outer appearance of a candle hides the real hot flame. It is the only element that can grow big and small very quickly & the only element that can shape metal!

So based on the classical text of Di Tian Sui 滴天髓, it talks about the nature of Ding Fire :



It all means to say again that unlike Bing 丙 Fire DM (The Sun), which is self-sustaining, and its energy source is unlimited, Ding Fire DM's energy source is very reliant on its resources. Imagine, how can a Fire continue to burn without wood? Thus, Jia 甲 & Yi 乙 are essential for any Ding Fire DM. (FYI- Wood element represents mother for a Ding Fire DM. So all mother is a critical character for all Ding Fire DM's life). If you have a Ding Fire DM kid/children, they are mostly very close (and overly) clingy to their mom even (yes, even after they grow up).

(Image Credit : Unsplash) - Time is important

This text also describes that time is an essential factor for Ding Fire DM.

A Ding Fire DM born during the daytime (5 am to 5 pm) is seen as a cauldron fire. It is strong enough to melt metal, but its "ability" is outshined by Bing Fire (The Sun). Ding Fire DM born at night (7 pm to 5 am) is the fire candle at night, visible but not strong enough to melt metal fast. It will take longer and a sustained candle to melt the metal. Thus, the best quality of Ding Fire DM is those that can do both - strong enough to melt the metal fast and visible enough to not outshine by anyone else. These are Ding Fire DM born at You hour (5 pm - 7 pm), known as the golden hour.

Why is this "hour" critical? And how does it manifest in reality? A Ding DM is born in the morning; despite being strong and able to do their job, they don't feel appreciated or validated by their work (or people don't even notice it's their work). While others can see the Ding DM, who are born at night through its work, the self wouldn't "feel" that they are achieving the outcome or goals they want (i.e. melting the metal to its shape) and constantly require more resources to make things perfect. So, the best is if you have both: complete your job as you wanted and get the validation/appreciation you deserve - ie those who are born between 5pm - 7pm.

So, are you a Ding Fire DM - what hour are you born?

As you can see, the requirements for this DM is minimal, unlike those like Wood, Jia 甲 & Yi 乙 DM, where their survival is very dependent on several resources. But, although its requirement to qualify is little, it is a very narrow gap - that 2 hours gap - The Rooster Hour.

However, a Ding DM must be careful with overly being "resourced", meaning that if a fire has too much wood, it will diminish the fire instead of igniting them. Thus, although wood Jia & Yi is necessary for all Ding DM when it is overly strong, i.e.,>100%, the self (Ding DM) will be diminished: Only to mean that your energy, in reality, will be depleted. So, my advice is that you need to consciously find a SWEET spot in using your Jia & Yi. You want to be interdependent, not co-dependent; otherwise, it will become a "toxic" relationship.

So, as mentioned earlier, there are six different types of Ding. Because Ding is a Yin element, it will match six other yin branches that produce six different ding pillars. These are: Ding Chou 丁丑, Ding Mao丁卯, Ding Si 丁巳, Ding Wei 丁未, Ding You 丁酉 & Ding Hai 丁亥

Every pillar has its' subtle differences; that is why we can't and must not assume that all Ding DM is the same. However, by understanding the Earthly branches that come with the Ding DM, you will be then able to see the subtle differences between all the Dings.

1. Ding Chou 丁丑 - The Talented Ding

This Ding is sitting on its EG, IW and 7K. Together, this combination produces a Greatness in potential in terms of identifying opportunities and solving problems. This Ding pillar is very inventive and imaginative and often will revolutionize something within their scope of expertise. However, inside these talented Ding hides a sensitive persona to other people's views about them. As they can get affected by the people around them and the surrounding, the right crowd must surround this Ding DM for them. Otherwise, it will leave them discouraged and fearful.

2. Ding Mao 丁卯 - The Elegant Ding

This Ding's image is a beautiful candlelit on a match. Thus, it is seen as a very beautiful image as it looks very elegant and bright in the dark. Therefore, naturally, all Ding Mao day pillar looks beautiful (plus, Mao is a peach blossom!). This Ding sits on its Resource star and is significantly supported by the branch. With that, this Ding is not only looking all good, but it's also knowledgeable. Naturally, because its resource constantly supports them, they are also very progressive. Their ideology about life is about growing and being better. Always in the chase for the next big thing and to learn & explore more things. However, the downside about this pillar is its great need for security (yes, even sometimes it can be just too much).As a consequence, it will lead to a great sense of insecurity. However, this serves as a double-edged sword because, in every inch of insecurity this pillar feels, this person will work hard and firmly build its foundation to get the security they desire. Then again, if this sense of insecurity is strong, it will make this Ding pillar doubt their own ability.

3. Ding Si 丁巳 - The Fighter Ding

This pillar is a fighter, dream big, persevere, and a great leader. Ding Si will make sure that their dreams and ideas are known. It is a very bight pillar after all. They are naturally competitive, seek adventure, meet new people, and always seek more about life out there in the big world. They are very compassionate and love to help others. However, at times they can come in as quite domineering. Ding Si, the pillar itself, is by nature opposing their presence. Meaning to say, this is the dimmest Ding pillar among all the six pillars. Although it is bright, the brightness comes from the Bing Fire. That itself explains to us why they are competitive by nature and consistently trying to thrive on being in control and want to prove themselves. That is why we can say that although Ding Si can be contented in life, it will come with some inner turmoil and secret insecurities.

4. Ding Wei 丁未 - The Artiste Ding

This pillar is the artistic Ding, only because this Ding Fire is sitting on a high-quality output star. Thus, this makes Ding Wei an exceptional food critic! This pillar has a deep sense of creativity and is a very independent thinker and perfectionist by nature. Thus, this makes anyone with this day pillar someone who can turn their vision, inspiration, and ideas into a reality with the proper discipline and perseverance. They can be really warm, fun, sincere, and caring at their best. However, behind this kind-hearted, caring, and creative thinker, this pillar, once they are on the "dark" side - they can get really "dark" and negative. These are the type of people you can feel just around them, as they tend to radiate off the negative energy to everyone else around them. They do not take criticism well and can be overly controlling over their surroundings and people. 5. Ding You 丁酉 - The Magnetic Ding

Just like how it appears to look, it's gleaming. I often like to describe Ding You resemble a crystal chandelier. Ding You love the limelight. They are charismatic, charming and sexy. They make friends quickly and have this excellent ability to attract people into their lives. On top of having that people magnetism power, they are not fake - they are knowledgeable, creative and sharp. Being laser-focused, consistent, analytical and cautious in every decision they make allow them to achieve greatness in life. Tho, however, the nature of Ding You is always rebellious. And despite all the drive-in nature, they can be quite fickle minded and restless. Thus, this leads to constant dissatisfaction and consistently trying to "make it right" in everything in life. Therefore, they often struggle to find peace inside their heart, despite their outstanding achievement. That is why family support and being in an understanding group are essential for Ding You.

6. Ding Hai 丁亥 - The Motivational Ding

It's beautiful at night, as you can see its beauty reflected on the ocean. That is Ding Hai - thus, it's like a reflection of the star. Just like what Stars do to us - it mesmerizes us. Therefore, it can capture our attention when speaking or just by being there. They can positively use their influence and affect positive change in people around them. They are independent, ambitious and idealistic. This Ding DM is sitting its officer, and resource star denotes a talented and intelligent person. And the hidden combination between the Ding stem + Ren stem tells us that this person is highly intuitive and sharp. However, this could also tell us that this Ding Hai pillar can be highly critical, stubborn and self-centred. So, it is advisable sometimes to take a few steps back and take advice or consideration from other people who would provide better judgements in their problems.

So, there it goes, all the Ding pillars and all you need to know about Ding DM. Again, it is essential to embody you through your Day masters; thus, the very basics about the Day master and pillars are crucial. Only then you can fully utilize your chart's strengths and improve on the weak point.

Feel free to drop any comments below about how you can resonate with this , or if not drop me an email if you have any enquiries on a full reading and also classes on BaZi

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Feb 23

Interesting. Taylor Swift is a Ding Wei DM. She is charismatic, very creative, close to her mom, and has a dark side when criticized.


I'm a yin fire born in the day time (almost noon). Is there anything I can do to be more visible?

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