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How to be a better 己 Ji Earth?

Updated: May 5, 2023

Ji earth (己)is the Yin version of Earth. A Ji 己 earth, represents the image of a sand, soil, small rocks and huge land. This Day master (DM) is the most nurturing , and cultivating one. It's purpose by nature is to cultivate, nurture , and support others - just like how all flowers and plants grow on a fertile soil, while the metal is protected within the soil. Thus, its always being said that the best mothers are most likely a Ji 己 DM or if not one who have a high influence of Ji 己 element in the BaZi chart. Just because Ji 己 itself, is good at producing and by nature is fertile, it is very creative and will never make a big fuss over their talents, because to them it is just natural. They are also naturally resourceful and have many hidden talents. All Ji己 DM must be producing in some way or another, meaning express themselves in a creative way, otherwise they will feel not full-filled.

The thing is being a Ji DM, is that they can be super self-less as an individual, because in their mind they are can be too focused to others and neglect themselves.

Based on the old classic text , Ji 己 Earth is being described : 己上卑(低)濕,中正一畜藏, 不愁木盛,不畏水狂, 火少火晦,金多金光, 若欲物旺,宜助宜幫

In translation - what does it really mean is that , the Ji 己Earth and Wu 戊 Earth itself is the centre of universe and are abundant. Wu 戊Earth is solid and grounded, but Ji己 earth is soft and moist. By nature Ji己 Earth is very good in absorbing water, and sometimes when it's too much it will produce water log, thus degrading its quality of the soil. In real life that would be regard as greed / hoarding in personality. So, having a nice amount of water 癸 Gui is preferred to produce a healthy & fertile soil. Together with the presence of Bing丙 Fire it will be prosperous. Not to forget that, Ji 己Earth can always extinguish the Ding 丁 fire

Ji 己earth will always prefer to come together with Jia己 wood. Both of their combination is very sentimental. It produces an image of a beautiful tall tree attached nicely on the ground. With that, it is never a concern if the Ji己 Earth will absorb too much water Ren壬 or rooted Gui癸 , and cause a landslide because Jia甲 wood is able to help absorb the water which is required for its growth and the Jia's甲 root is helpful in containing the loose soil。 That being said, the presence of a Bing 丙fire is also important for a Ji己 Earth to keep the humidity balance. As a nutshell, a good and fertile Ji己 earth, with the presence of the above mentioned elements would be able to produce many gems - Xin辛 and Geng庚.

Bottom line is, unlike some other DMs, the evolution of the DM could be slightly more painful and challenging. But for a Ji己 DM, the evolution of becoming the best version is not that tough (at least at my point of view because I'm a Geng庚 DM) , however require a lot of support from other elements and also - to be extremely aware in of "absorbing too much water". Once a Ji DM takes in too much water, it will lose its fertility! Thus, it is being said that the greatest downfall for a great Ji DM is when they get too greedy!

With all those being said, there are many different types of Ji己 namely Ji Chou 己丑, Ji Mao己卯, ji Si己巳, Ji Wei己未 , Ji You己酉 and Ji Hai己亥 :

1) Ji Chou己丑 - The Most Productive Ji Ji chou 己丑 is an image healthy plowing soil. It is a good quality of soil that contains beautiful rocks and are able to grow almost anything on its soil This type of Ji 己is extremely creative and intelligent. Having the Gui癸 in the hidden stem also indicates that they have an easy-going nature and prefer to move around, travelling to seek more adventure. This would be a good way for them to express their creativity where it can also help them in their personal growth. However, a Ji Chou己丑 pillar can get easily bored and lose interest with things. This could always lead them to boredom and distraction for them to achieve their goals. They can sometimes be quite impatient as well, which eventually causing the to lose focus and are constantly being distracted to various directions. It is important for such pillar to be grounded and find focus

2) Ji Mao己卯 - The Passive Agressive Ji A Ji Mao 己卯 shows an imagery of a plant rooted deep into the soil. Within this Ji己 is Mao 卯, which carries the 7 Killings energy. This makes this Ji己 , ambitious, influential and have this great demeanour in facing problems. Because overall this is a nice combination of pillar from the top (flower), a person with this Day pillar is generally optimistic in life and gives a good outlook to people. Yes, they care about how they look! They are have a strong will power, and poses a this drive that constantly want to improve and growth. Besides that together with the 7k & Peach Blossom star (Rabbit) , it makes Ji Mao a very attractive, magnetic and charismatic person. The 7K gives this individual the courage and inner desire to succeed and win. This 7K is very subtle and unforgiving. It can be very healing, nurturing and caring but at the same time, it has this great ability to manipulate a certain situation to their benefit. That is why, at times, Ji Mao 己卯 often regarded as being sly due to their unassuming demeanour which may hide the ulterior motive

3) Ji Si己巳 - The Beautiful Ji This pillar is a representation of warmth, knowledge and endurance . In such environment a Ji Si己巳 is full of hidden gems and can produce a beautiful jade under extreme pressure. This represents that such pillar have many hidden talents that many could not even see. Besides that, this pillar have a deep connection with education, which is vital in their success and bring change to people's life。They have a great talent in speech and charismatic by nature. This person enjoys the limelight , and enjoy being in the center of attention. With that that being said, their trademark is all about determination, and resilience. They are strong - lots of energy and stamina.

4) Ji Wei 己未 - The Intuitive Ji Similarly to Ji Chou 己丑, this is an image of a beautiful landscape. It is beautiful, peaceful and elegant. This person is also very talented under its sleeve. Because of the rooting, such pillar have very high self - esteem and confidence. The 7Killing at its hidden stem , shows that this pillar has a this innate strong spirit, thus it is important for Ji Wes' 己未 to have the freedom to pursue on their own ideas. This Ji Wei 己未, has great interest and talent in philosophical and spiritual subjects. Although Because of the nature of being slightly dry, individual with this pillar tend to have a strong desire to find wealth (water=weatlh) as compared to the other Ji己

5) Ji You 己酉- The Literary Ji

This Ji You 己酉 has great love for literature and arts. However, this pillar is quite strong in its character. This pillar is constantly looking for perfection and also are quite critical, which then pushes the individual to constantly pushes themselves to do greater things each time.

Essentially, this Ji己 is weaker , thus they have an inner desire for stability and security. Inner desire to be protective as well, for anyone who they deemed to be like their children.

6) Ji Hai 己亥- The Noble Ji

Ji Hai 己亥, is sitting on their DW and DO. Together this already form a nice formation, which usually indicates good outcomes as this pillar is surrounded by nobility and helpful people. They are hardworking, practice and are great in holding position in power that could essential make improvements in life. They are the type that don't mind taking their own time working things out over time. However they need to learn how to control their temper and be more reasonable whenever events doesn’t fall in place. They may sometimes be more inclined to be more forceful than persuasive. Being a pillar which is not rooted, portraits instability, plus an overly abundant of water can disperse the Ji己 element (soil). Thus, this Ji Hai 己亥will need to take care of their own health


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