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How "Fui Kong" are you?

With the recent hoohaa about the British Royalties and all, people are starting to look at the Royalties chart and one that caught my attention on "perhaps" I would write (and talk) about it , is the Fui Kong / Gui Kong / Commanding Nobleman star.

If you all do not already know, Queen Elizabeth have 2 Fui Kong pillars in her chart.

Which them allow me to dig deeper into the perspective on what really conforms into a real "Fui Kong" chart. Fui Kong is actually derived from the system of Shen Sha / Gods and Sha not from the Zi Ping's system. Meaning, a Fui Kong is derived only when a certain heavenly stem meets a certain earthly branches. Basically there are 4 pillars who are known as the Fui Kong pillars - they are namely :

Geng Chen, Geng Xu, Wu Xu and Ren Chen.

A very clear glance about each of this pillar is that it is definitely not the timid little pillar. These 4 pillars are (at one glance) show aggression, leadership skills and determination. And these are the qualities of a Fui Kong itself. Essentially a Fui Kong , is a natural survivalist, they are indestructible even if an atomic bomb drops at them (no kidding) , they bounces back all the time and they are tough and hard. However, I think the main hallmark of a Fui Kong qualities is their hardships in life.

And that would be a clear differentiation, if you have a real Fui Kong chart or not. There are a few classics that define a true Fui Kong chart comes with many exceptions (which I will not share , as I personally am still having doubts on it ), but at my personal view is that, I would refer a Fui Kong chart only when the pillar falls on the Day pillar only... not in the month, hour or year..A true Fui Kong is at the end of the day "Personal" and the "Day" pillar is as personal as it can get.

Thus, the differences between chart a person with a Fui Kong pillar at the year vs a Fui Kong pillar at the Day - is that the Fui Kong pillar at Day will truly face hardships in their life. Nothing will ever seem settled. However despite that, the Fui Kong chart, will ALWAYS make it through the tough times in their life. However the outcome and the great achievements of the Fui Kong will be dependent of the overall chart as well. Despite a Fui Kong, one can also be a poor quality Fui Kong.. In short, the journey itself will be defined by the overall composition of the chart. It is not always true that being a "Fui Kong" chart can guaranteed an outcome of success.

To hold great power, you shall hold great responsibilities .

- If you are a Fui Kong yourself, are you ready to eat this up your whole life?

I've talked slightly about it on Facebook Live , breaking it down to individual pillars. If you want to know more watch here : click here

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