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Fear in your BaZi

Today, I saw fear in someone who I never thought I would see. Strange enough, because its someone who I have idolised while growing up and so I quickly looked up at her BaZi chart to understand her further

Everyone has fear, the only differences is whether one is aware of it, or not. Fear is a type of emotion, and the reason why one fearful is because of the unknown.

water element

In BaZi there are 5 elements, and each element represents an emotion. Fear is represented by Water element. This emotion can manifest in two different ways,

You might be wondering “Everyone has water element somewhere” in their chart, so does it mean everyone is fearful?” Yes, everyone does have fear, and that only makes everyone human. But what makes a difference is, how severe is that fear? When one has either too much water or no water at all will manifest a lot of fear in them.

Lets look at the example below here, this female, Gui Chou day master and born in the Winter month which makes this person having a lot of water in her chart. Besides, if you noticed one thing, this person does not have any Fire element in the chart, which makes the water even more out of control. So, we can deduce that, this person has a quite a lot of fear.

Let’s dive deeper into what she is fearful of. Lets look at the strongest 10 gods here. The strongest is Friend (F), which is 100%, which represents herself and the second strongest is Eating god (EG), for a female represents her child. This lady here, she is one who doesn’t show any sign of fear, and also seem fearless – as you can see, she is a strong Day Master, who have a Indirect Wealth (IW) and Rob Wealth (RW) at the Earthly branch. Meaning, she seem confident and portrait a strong figure in front of other people. Her case is, she also have a strong EG , which is one of the intelligent star. Meaning, she intelligent enough to even convince herself that she doesn’t have any fear. However, until one day, circumstances forces her to face her inner self, and to accept herself, then she would know her fear.

Lucky for her, she is currently going through a Bing Chen luck pillar, which have a little fire at the surface, which helps her curb her fear slightly.

The purpose of finding out such through a chart is so that one can be aware of their biggest obstacle that is limiting them in life. My advice for those who have such common chart is to – Have Faith In Everything in Life. For her case, she needs to learn how to accept her fears and love herself as being fearful. As every chart as its own story to tell, this is hers.

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