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Digitalism with BaZi, Period 9

As some of you all might know by now, we are transiting into a new era which is known as the Period 9. In fact, the change has already started in the year 2017 (early heaven) and will be fully transited to full Period 9 by 2024.

That is why now you guys can feel that things have already slightly moved towards the digital world and dynamics of business have changed. Today, I’m just going to share about the Digital world, and how you can use your BaZi chart to be ahead of many others in this new era.

The Keyword that you need to keep in mind in Period 9 is all about being agile. If you’re not agile enough, you wouldn’t be able to survive in this new period. It is a period of FIRE, and things change all the time. Fire is erratic, follows the wind and resources. You literally have to dance and flow in the fire. The past 3 months, was a sneak peek on how Period 9 is like. As you might already see, that the past 3 months are all about DIGITALISATION. The great news is this, each structure of yours in BaZi, translate to what type of role you can do best in the DIGITAL Era. So now, if you cant learn to survive now, you definitely won’t be able to survive the next 20 years.

Now, refer to your BaZi chart, and refer to your main structure: 

If you want to find out yours, plot your chart HERE

  1. Output structure: Let people know that you still exist. Ask yourself, what content are you creating? Is your content interesting? How often are you creating your content? This is mainly for those who are Eating god (EG). If you are predominantly Hurting Officer (HO), you want to show yourself on screen and talk, and let people know how to reach you and to let people know you still exist. 

  2. Resource structure: Learn how to use the platform, which platform is suitable for you? Are you doing the right thing with your platform? Basically, if you have amazing content, but if it is not at the right platform you won’t be able to reach out as big as you would like to. If you are mainly the Direct Resource (DR), learn to be an expert in ONE type of platform, for example, maybe Facebook. While if you’re an Indirect Resource (IR), what you are really good at is to look at the bigger picture of several platforms.

  3. Influence Structure: The Influence structure guy best role is to optimize your content and platform into an effective piece of work. Meaning, your main focus is to be making sure that your content makes sense to your target audiences and platform. In another way, it means ANALYTICS role. Repeat, and become more effective. Example, how can you reduce your time spent into editing one video? Or how can you focus on the right type of content into the right type of platform to get the most effective result? If you’re mainly a Direct Officer (DO), your key focus is to be more efficient. This is mostly required when it comes to content development because to be more efficient, every content development needs a structure. If you are predominantly the 7 Killings, you need to learn how to implement things systematically. 

  4. Wealth structure: It is all about managing your customers and how you can control them. Learn to your control your customer. Manage your listing. This is where your sales are being done. If you have paid attention, the first few steps at the beginning, there weren’t many sales done.

  5. Companion Structure: It is all about Influencing People. That is why, if you realise most of the popular influencers out there, usually have a very strong companion star. That is why, if you have this star that is one of the highest for you, you can usually do well in selling whatever things, people will just buy it from you. 

Long term wise, any product or service you sell is no longer the only key to winning in business anymore. It comes by a lot of other factors in the future, just like how you can influence people.

Now, if you look at it in a bigger picture, this is usually how you can implement your online business strategy. In a nutshell, you need almost every element to form a perfect strategy. 

Output -> Resource -> Influence -> Wealth -> Companian

Each structure plays a significant role in the digitalisation world. So, only if you know where your strength is, you can succeed in it.

So, which are you? 

Stay tune for more, I’ll be sharing on more contents about Period 9!

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