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December 2023 Nurturing Growth : Wood Rat Predictions

water pig month

Hello, everyone, we are finally heading to the final month of the year. The coming December month will be the Wood Rat 甲子 month. The Wood Rat 甲子 month officially begins on December 7th and ends on January 5th, 2024. The Wood Rat 甲子 Pillar is the first pillar in the cycle of 60 pillars. Picture this pillar like a tree growing in winter or a tree gracefully growing on water – a symbol of new beginnings and possibilities.

I guess this resonates a lot, as we step into the eagerly anticipated Wood Dragon 甲辰 Year of 2024 and Period 9. The Wood Rat 甲子 pillar unfolds a story that's delicate yet filled with hope. Think of this pillar as a bundle of positivity, much like a newborn entering the world. But, be mindful, this cheerfulness can sometimes be a bit too much. It's like a baby taking its first steps – it may look strong and confident outside, but internally, there's a fragility. The roots are soft, carrying uncertainties not easily seen.

Reflecting the energy of December month, this pillar could mirror the insights of the economy, market , and also your personal choices. Key is to be aware, and to not allow random energy to influence you. This pillar’s keen to grow, echoing our strong desire to move ahead. Yet, there's a word of caution: too much speed without a solid base can lead to wobbliness. It's a reminder not to let excitement overshadow smart decision-making, especially if driven by fear. Beyond its tall appearance, the pillar is a bit like a softie inside, easily influenced by emotions - there are internal doubts and sensitivity. Hence, the mix encapsulates December month energy– a blend of excitement and vulnerability.

The lesson here is this : for growth to last, it needs time and a strong base. This idea extends to personal and economic aspects - especially when you’re taking this time to plan your 2024. The speed should match stability, steering clear of quick choices. This inward journey reminds us not to get carried away by the speedy flow of progress but to anchor our decisions in clear thinking.

Lessons for Wood Rat Predictions  : December ~ Take it Slow & Grow

  • A. Find clarity: Through the Bing Fire 丙 , the bright sun reflects on calm waters, symbolizing clarity. Take a cue from Bing Fire 丙 and apply this concept to your plans for 2024. Resist the urge to rush; instead, bask in the light of reflection. Take the time to understand your goals, ensuring they align with your aspirations. Let clarity be your guiding plan.

  • B. Strategic Focus on Strengths: Concentrate on what truly sets you apart. Identify your strengths, perfect your craft, and leverage your skills. This deliberate focus on your expertise will be the cornerstone of your long-term growth and gains. Think of it as nurturing the soil before planting the seeds of your plans for the upcoming year.

  • C. Emotional Stability: Introduce the grounding element of Wu Earth 戊 to navigate emotional waters. What it means in real application means, managing emotions and staying practical are key when making decisions. This stabilizing force ensures that your choices are rooted in reason, not swayed by fleeting feelings. It's about maintaining a balanced emotional landscape as you embark on your growth journey.

  • D. Patient Growth: Despite the eagerness for growth, it doesn't always come by immediately. One needs all the resources for rapid expansion. But, any quick growth, will lead to lack of foundation and stability. Embrace the wisdom that every new beginning demands time for stability. Be patient with the process, allowing your endeavors to take root and flourish organically. Sustainable growth requires a foundation built with care and patience.

Disclaimer : More detailed info may then depend on the overall chart; hence, you may book a 1-1 with me to understand how to manage it better. Best not to jump to any conclusion. Context is necessary.

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