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Chinese Metaphysics - BaZi & its spiritual intelligence

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The very basic building block of metaphysics is Yin & Yang. This very raw form of energy is very commonly known as Qi in Chinese Metaphysics (CM).

We all tend to underestimate the understanding of Yin & Yang itself because it is old, boring and philosophical. But is very important to understand about the world. The very basic understanding of Yin & Yang is that two different types of energy co-exist naturally in this world. It is a natural phenomenon. It tells no good or bad, tells no right or wrong. It only describes the dark and light, the feminine and masculine, passive and active. These energies, however, is not stagnant. It is every dynamic and moving. It is only acting on its very nature. However, only with both in balance energy is at peace. It tells us that it is the same in life because humans and the surroundings are containment of energy and Qi. Thus, things are ever-changing—even our nature and humans.

Then again, we tend to forget the very essence and purpose of studying any form of Chinese Metaphysics knowledge - turning back to the self, enhancing our self-awareness and understanding why we are reacting to our circumstances in a certain way. And now that we establish the known fact about energy, many circumstances in life (relationship issues, health issues & financial issues & more) are merely a reflection of how our internal human energy is. And how we identify our internal energy? It is through the 4 Pillars of BaZi

The answers are always in our BaZi itself. BaZi encapsulates many different types of energy that could be harmonious and conflicting simultaneously in oneself. And that is the reason why we act the way we do today. Only if we, humans, learn more about themselves and understand the root cause of things, and learn our lesson, this world will be in peace and filled with love. We, as an individual, will be fulfilled and grateful and living our destinies.

The most effective use of BaZi for self ultimately is to transcend it, which means to overcome and master the lesson that occurs in your chart. Because the truth is, we can't escape our lessons by just avoiding them all the time. Many challenges are happening to us because it is meant for us to learn and master, just like how some of our BaZi charts are inferior in quality, filled with clashes, punishments, etc. But for you to embrace this fact, you have to know that you're not here to be punished or suffer from the chart, and it is your right to gain happiness and fulfilment in this lifetime (and every lifetime). That is why each clash, punishments etc, are just part of the lesson you need to overcome to fulfil your destiny and regain happiness.

Of course, it teaches us a lot about forecasting and so forth, and it is very accurate and serves as a beautiful tool for us to leverage. But bear in mind, do not let all these instant gratifications derail us from the actual power of BaZi itself - understanding and seeing the life lessons you need to master.


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