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BaZi's building block ...

As I advance through my Metaphysics knowledge and education, the more I realised that I my foundation in Chinese Metaphysics S**k big time.

Unlike how many older practitioners have learn this sophisticated subject, most of the modern learnings and teaching unfortunately have put very little emphasis on the foundation itself. When I mean foundation, meaning the basic elemental knowledge and also understanding the yin & yang part. Now, who would want to learn all these boring philosophical grandfather stories right?

It's understandable, and also partly, I would say, its possibly due to the high demand of instant application and change that people are demand for (after they paid the $$). And you know what,I was part of those group who fell for that as well. Now, never did I expect myself to be practitioner one day, and with that, I knew I had it all wrong from the start.

But, I'm a Geng 庚 anyway. Making tough and challenging decisions are my nature.

Because I re-read all the books and reset my whole brain for it.

Why am I sharing with everyone this post? One of the reason is that, I got really disappointed because I felt like I was misinformed, that's no.1 . No.2 is that I would like to let everyone know (whoever is reading) to know that if you want to learn BaZi or apply any form of Chinese Metaphysics to FOCUS on your foundations first before learning further. Yes, it could be boring and philosophical, but that's the whole point about metaphysics. Absorb the spirit of it instead of "I want to know what's going to happen next year" mindset. Because you know why, it's going to save a lot of your brain damage. That is provided if you're really serious in learning Metaphysics as a subject. Otherwise, you can just do whatever you want.

Coming back to what I was saying..

Our foundation was so weak. I had to relearn to learn and don't get me wrong. I advocate learning a lot and constantly relearning things nor am I blaming my teachers who I've picked up metaphysics from, because it's truly mind-blowing.. But, personally I think its best to put a "disclaimer" really, and I do not encourage just anyone to provide the reading. Because we aren't a true master or able to read a chart correctly after x number of times attending beginner / intermediate classes. Disclaimer has to be set in place. Your skills are not determined by the number of times you attend a class or course.

With me undergoing the process or unlearning, relearning and correcting, I was amazed by the fact that we can do so much by just learning the Day Masters itself can reveal so much about a chart. Provided if you know the foundation and basic. But I know most people just read , the Day masters traits and that would only be a 2-5 minutes conversation +/- 10 minutes of telling stories (I know, I was there..been there, done that). Also, many people / students wanted to jump straight to the animal interaction bit. Oh , yes, that the interesting part where everyone tend to just read a BaZi chart using that and determine their life as such.

Yes, it does play a role (a significant in quality) in a person's chart, but then it really is just a pointless context when you just know the animal interaction. 1st of all, each animal interactions have its story of WHY it interacts in the first place and by understanding that, you are grasping the concept instead of just MEMORISING the animal kingdom. 2nd of all, not all clash means bad nor all combination is good. It depends a lot on your whole chart, and whether if not the elements will be produced even. 3rd you might wonder, what element? - So, now back to square one - the foundation. Just like E=mc2 , the formula was derived from a certain assumptions and baseline information. In metaphysics case, the baseline information - are the ELEMENTS - just that, and I though I was over It few years ago when I was exploring metaphysics :D But there are so much to talk just about ELEMENTS ie - conceptual understanding.

So, I hope for those who are reading this, do remember to go back to your 101 time to time and perhaps if you feel stuck in your metaphysics now , most likely its because of your 101

oh yeah, with that, I'm going to be writing a series of "how to be (Your Day Master)" , with a little coverage about elemental influences. Tune in for more

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