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5 Ways to stay optimistic based on your BaZi

BaZi, as you all might know now is the perfect tool to understand yourself as it serve as your manual in life. Many have used it entirely the wrong way – which is for “fortune telling” , but it truly is a manual to help ourselves when we are in trouble

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Similar to what is going on right now, with the whole Covid-19 in the world, many are trying to cope stay within the Green Zone of their mind to stay sane – meaning, in short trying to be optimistic 😀

As you might already experience, why does some method work, while others doesn’t. The truth is, you can’t copy what your friends do, because you and your friends might have different “manual”. So what works for your friends might not work for you.

If you can read up to this part , why not find plot your own manual chart here : All you need is your date of birth and time.

For simplicity sake, we can categorise 5 different ways to stay optimistic based on your main structure. To check what structure you fall into , refer to the chart you plotted, refer to the beige colour pattern, and the one you’re most skewed to, is your main structure. If you refer to the picture below here , it is skewed towards – Companion structure.

Once you have determined your structure, you can check which way is the best way to keep yourself optimistic and see if it resonate with you. 1. Output structure: Among all the structures, they have the highest level optimists among all. Why? Because they are the only one who likes to create new thing. They live by living new things. Does it make sense? Well, if you’re an output structure, you would get me. Just imagine they live by exploring the unknown. So, the best way for you guys, who are output structure is to achieve optimism is to –

“Ahh, this.. haven’t been done before, so let’s do”

Something that never exist, so you will like it. Meaning, you might want to explore the uncertainly area (putting fears aside).

So, if you’re an output structure, create something new like writing or journal or drawing or cooking. It helps to create optimism in you and kick start. So if you feel like you’re pessimistic, just create something new from nothing.

2. Wealth structure: These , are the most controlling ever person who likes to control to control , in short control freak. Try to imagine a general who is going to a war and he focuses a lot into taking control of their weapons and food stock. Meaning, they are good to at managing their reserves.

So, during this period of time, you can create optimism by reviewing and managing your funds and take stock of what you have and keep topping. Focus on doing things that can add to that reserve and keep being busy.

FYI- Wealth structure guys – it is easier for you to manage optimism, unlike the output structure guys because output people are managing things that is not available in physical being.

3. Influence structure: Obviously, you won’t care as much as to reserve wealth like the wealth structure guys. Some would not even care. Influence structure people care a lot about the “physical action” or the “next action” or “next execution”. To them, its just about doing something, after another. It doesn’t have anything to do with the results tho, they just feel better with doing the next things. It speaks a lot about surviving as well.

So if you’re an influence structure , your optimism comes from “attempting” the next thing and the next step. Find something in your life where you can do step by step or in procedural. Let’s say, maybe – building a lego? Anything that comes with manual, or doing something that knowing what’s the next step. You can get optimism through doing these kinda things. All the next step will help your mind make you feel better

4. Resource structure: These people who can gain optimism through people’s experiences. Anything that have been successful from other people, and if you watch it, or read about it, or imagine it. And if you learn and understand it, you will feel better.

But, there’s a downside of it, example, if you’re constantly going onto social media and reading all about the negative things like losing jobs, getting fired or dying, you will get more sinked into the negative experiences and become more pessimistic. In short, resource people are easily , influenced by the history or other experience. So, being exposed to the right information and experiences are very important.

So, the best way for resource structure guys is to read motivational and inspiring book, or maybe video.

5. Companion structure : It’s all about people! There’s this saying – for companion , you guys can survive anywhere as long as you’re not the last man standing in the world. The way they can get optimism is through people and get togethers. They derive optimism by looking at the situation by what they should be doing. Meaning, if they are doing things that people are approving of, and be part of that community, they are going to be very happy.

So, during Covid -19 time, its really not too bad for these structure guys because many people are showing what they are doing on social media, and they can get very easily connected with. Although it is just at social media, but those are people. So its fine. In a nutshell, for companion structure guys, you can , if you can do whatever that others are doing. You will feel better.

The next thing now – you might think – what if I am a mixture of a few structures- you can mixed in a bit of both 🙂 – Just like myself

So, the lesson here is – don’t wait for optimism to come to you, because you won’t know by the time it arrive, you might have already lost a lot of good opportunities that was presented to you.

all you need to do, is walk through that door

The way to drive your optimism , is to first understanding how your optimism engine works. So once you know you know, you can feed your optimistic engine.

Otherwise, you can always book a free 15 min session with me to find out how to solve your issues – you can book my timing here :

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