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5 Types of Leadership Style Using BaZi - Which are you?

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

One topic which I have been longing to speak about - Leadership.

What makes a good leader? Taking the Covid-19 pandemic & crisis, it takes a test in all leaders and that includes you. Leadership is an art, and to really succeed in it you need to lead yourself first. Regardless of whether you are a business owner or not, leadership is applicable in our everyday life, and once you have achieved that, that is when you have truly achieved self-mastery. Every self-mastery starts with self-leadership.

Every great leader on the planet, have achieved great self-mastery and that has to lead them to succeed in many things in life - BE YOUR OWN BOSS. That is why, when it comes to my consult, the basis of owning your chart, lies a lot in how you lead yourself and master yourself. You should be leading your destiny, not the other way round.

Unfortunately, this is easier to be said than done. Many times, we wait for someone to lead us, or blame the country's leader for not being a good leader. Why? Because it is always easier to play your cards on the safe side. Psychologically, we are human beings who have a survival instinct, and we are constantly looking for a safety net. If you choose to lead yourself, you have no one to blame to if shit hits the fan, well... except for yourself. This is a human psyche.

Now that you know, why not you have a moment and reflect on yourself. Are you like that too? Don't blame yourself, because you are merely human. What you need to do is to stop pushing responsibilities away, and lead your own life. Because it is not empowering. Take back your power and lead an empowering life.

So, lets cut things short, there are 5 simple methods for you to understand your style of leadership. All you need to do is to find out what is your main structure, and from there, take action to activate your leadership style.

But first things first, if you haven't already gotten your own BaZi chart, do plot your chart here

Refer to the most bottom part of the chart, and you would be able to identify what is your strongest structure. The strongest structure determines how you operate at your best

Example, for the sample above, you can see that this chart refers to this person's main structure as the creators.


To be a better leader yourself, make sure you have options. Or if you don't, create more options for yourself. Questions that you constantly need to ask yourself in pursuing anything in life - "What are the options do I have?" , "Which are the areas to pivot into?", "What are the opportunities out there? - List it down, and write it down. The more options the better. Being an output structure, you are extremely creative. Only when you have to lead yourself to this, then those who will let you lead are those who are seeking for creativity. You then can lead those who need your leadership based on your operating system.


If you are mainly wealth structure person and if you have already read my previous post, you will now notice that wealth structure people are good at perceiving a lot of things in values. So, if you fall under this category, start by evaluating your own value. Well, most people who would not be able to do that, why not take some time and list down all the things you have achieved, and done, that have brought good results and value. Define your own worth and value, understand what does value means to you. When you want to lead others, use this same concept. Evaluate what are the values they have.


If you are this structure, your mantra would be "action speaks louder than the word". Yes, it is all about action taking and practice for you. Before you start leading others, ask yourself, when was the last time you lead yourself. Ask yourself “Have I done my part today?” You are the type of leadership of "Leading by Example". Prior to leading someone to do it, you must first do it. Naturally, if you call under this structure, you are most likely quite a natural leader. Most of the time, you will attract those who have a low influence star and will be an amazing leader for such people.



Resource people are usually thinkers. They are intelligent and sometimes, too much of it. If your structure is a resource, you must lead yourself to seek clarity. You need to be able to show vulnerability and asks questions, and show people your humility. And most importantly, tell yourself that there’s something in life that’s unsure for you and that you are searching more. Most of the resource people tend to send a signal that they have loads of information on hand, so sometimes, not able to ask questions and let people know the humility in you could lead to misunderstandings. When you start doing this, you will start to attract people. Focus on "What should I learn more?" rather than focusing on being concern about being seen as not smart.


The people person among all the structure. Being you reflect who you mix with, so you need to reflect positivity and be cautious with people you mix with. Your focus is about changing yourself first, and be positive. Lead yourself to positivity, and slowly you will be able to attract and influence those around you too. With that, you can lead others by simply influencing them ie- your peers and friends with positivity. If you want to be hopeful, then be hopeful to the group. If you want to be jovial, then be jovial to the group. Be smart about who you mix with because they are the style you're going to be like.

I would think that one person wouldn't have just one style of leadership, most of the time it will be a little combination of two or three. But now, if you are aware of your operating style, you can take action, and consciously pursue the style that is easier for you, and slowly you can evolve to the others. Start off by starting your engine first, and slowly develop what is required for you.

Hope this would help you kick-starting your leadership journey!

If you want to know more about it, I do specialize in Self-Mastery Consultation using BaZi or if not achieve it through Feng Shui as well. Click here to find out more

Stay tuned!

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