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5 Best Industries for Starting A Business Now

By now, I think things would be very much obvious. Covid-19 has never been identified among metaphysicians, but we all just knew that something is going cause a big shift in the market and economy. We just never paid attention to the disease.

What’s not surprising is also the fact that, the whole Covid-19 incident has shifted powers, beliefs and consumer behaviour just over a couple of months. Company like ZOOM , wasn’t even well known back then not unless you were doing International business back then just like I did. But overnight, the company has became so powerful.

Meaning, this could be the time where many BIG POWERFUL pre-crisis might just become nothing post-crisis. It was already predicted that way, just never knew it was such a huge shift in just a couple of month. So guys, if you were thinking of starting up a business, now is the REAL time to shift your mind too. You will not and may not succeed if do not put into consideration what is the New-Norm all about.

I can promise you that things will never going to be same again. Why is that? Because we are so close to Period 9.

Period 9 – I think I mentioned in my previous post is a new, era – which will last for 20 years. Many of us practitioners have been getting ready for Period 9, and have begun our shift. The truth is, on 2017 (based on the early heaven ba gua) the shift have already started. So what is Period 9 and how can you leverage on it?

  1. Period 9 – is known as the Li gua . How did we get this? Its basis on the Lo Shu chart (below), which we use alot in Feng Shui – its also known as the Later Heaven Ba Gua.

Li gua, is a representation of many things- which will determine what is it like when we hit 2024, but this I would leave it for another post.

How does knowing Period 9 and NOW has to do with anything?

Well, yes, it does! If you’re going to plan to start your own business, this is what you need to know!

Period 9 is the era of digitalisation. EVERYTHING will be VIRTUAL by then. It will be how we all will live, day in day out. Guess what? Covid-19 is starting this trend for us too right? Meaning, if your business or future business does not have anything to do with DIGITAL – You might just be non-existence at all. Attention will be the new currency.

So what are the few industries that you might want to start now, so that you can serve the need of the people right now and leverage on Period 9 as well?

  1. Online Education

  2. Virtual Healthcare / Wellness Provider

  3. Digital advertising / E-commerce / Social Media Management

  4. You-tuber/ Influencer / KOL

  5. Online Gaming

So, whatever if you’re planning to, perhaps you want to look into this 5 here!

Otherwise, if you’re in the water industry right now – which is like transport, hospitality etc , you need to change your direction right now. To do what others don’t do! Example, how can you bring your hospitality service and experience virtually to your customers? Perhaps a virtual tour?

Its the matter of who is doing it first, and if you’re prepared right now, things will be way beneficial for you in the future.

If you don’t know how to do it – well, go learn about it!

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