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Why does "balancing" the Yin & Yang matter?

As a practitioner of Chinese Metaphysics, I have always used the very fundamental philosophy of what the Tai Chi symbol means to me in life.

Growing up in an Asian setting, I've always seen people carrying around, and placing the Tai Chi symbol is superstitious. So, I didn't bother much about the symbol at the beginning.

But in all classes, we tend to always begin with the Tai Chi symbol. Like many others, I did not immediately grasp the idea of the Tai Chi symbol. But as I delve deeper into the Chinese Metaphysics world, I feel the need to adopt Tai Chi's wisdom after understanding it more each time.

What I would like first to do, is dispel the idea of what the Tai Chi symbol means: It is used to bring good luck.

Dispelling the myth: I am here to share that the Tai Chi symbol is a mere description or imagery that describes a philosophy or wisdom in this universe.

(Yin & Yang) Tai Chi symbol - Credit : Unsplashed

If you pay attention to the details, the circle is equally divided into a black/white section representing two different forces of different polarity. While, if you noticed, the "s" like shape in the middle signifies the interdependency of both sides on one another as they push into each other.

The black area has a small white circle, while the white space has a small black circle, indicating a small part of each other within each opposing force.

This tells us about life and that everything is the polar opposite in the real world. There is life and death, night and day, dark and light.It is only natural that two different energies co-exist together. One will not exist , without another.

Thus, if we focus only on the yang energy, we will lose balance. While, if we only focus on the yin energy, we will also lose balance. The bottom line is we cannot have a healthy, happy and fulfilled life without balancing both Yin & Yang in our lives. And this applies to all forms of energy in life, such as our career, wealth, relationship and health approach.

It is crucial to cover the Yin & Yang "action" in all actions or solutions that we seek in life. Otherwise, no matter how many material or worldly achievements you achieve in life, you might still find something is "missing".

Now, an honest question to ask yourself: Now that if you have achieved it all, do you still feel lacking "something."

Or if not, are you just "looking" for something you don't know?

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