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How to be a better 庚 Geng Metal?

Updated: May 5, 2023

Geng Metal is the "Yang" version of the metal. The first image that comes into mind when we imagine Geng Metal is a tough, durable steel, iron, metal ore, axe and sword. This Day Master (DM) are the toughest, more enduring and posses good stamina. Just like an Axe, its job is to chop down a tree, that is why its nature is all about being focused, decisive, tough and hands on. They are the best executors, as long as they are given the right instructions. They are the type that get things going really well during tough times ie - They strive in stressful times and challenges. And once they know what they want in the life, they will not let anything to stand in their way. Despite their strong personalities, they can get very sentimental whenever it involves people who they trust and it is because they value brotherhood a lot. They are very justice driven (all metal elements are!) , altruistic type. However, if one betray its trust, there is no turning back to get their trust anymore ..

In the old classics, the original text by Liu Bo Wen, stated these as a description of a Geng Metal :

庚金帶殺,剛健為最, 得水而清,得火而銳, 土潤而生,土乾則脆, 能嬴甲兄,輪於乙妹

In translation, what does it really mean it that - Geng Metal is hard and tough but it was found cold from the earthly Wu 戊 & Ji 己. It is "sharpened" and will become strong when put under hot flaming Ding 丁 fire. Although water will deplete some of Geng's hardness by cooling down the fire, but it's need is necessary in a small amount, like Gui 癸. Because when a Geng Metal is too dry, it will become brittle and easy to break. But when its too much water , it will further weaken the Geng Metal, by depleting the fire even more!

That is why, it is still necessary for a Geng Metal to have a little & sufficient moisture. So a Geng metal DM needs to have some Gui 癸 water together with a strong Ding 丁 fire to ensure its' effective function as a sharp axe. Not to forget, that the Ding Fire would also require a Yi 乙 or Jia甲 Wood to ensure it keeps on burning ! But then again, you need a strong axe to actually chop the Jia 甲 :D Otherwise, as a Geng Metal DM, you would only resort in using the Yi 乙 Wood to keep the Ding 丁 Fire burning - which then again lead you to another fact that, your Wood element in your chart has to be able to grow and be sustainable.

For a Geng Metal DM, they would need all the mentioned above elements to allow themselves to be skilful, improve themselves and prosper in life. It will be a circular process each time for a Geng Metal DM; meaning in real life - you got to do something repeatedly until you get better at it. If you can related it back to the Axe chopping a wood story " The axe will get more blunt as it chops more wood. As it gets more blunt, the axe would need more ding 丁 fire to sharpen it again, and then the Axe gets stronger and bigger. And it is only then the Axe can chop more Jia 甲"

The process will only get easier as a Geng repeats the process, because they get used to it. So, the Geng DM essentially will get better in its skillset. That is why, a Geng DM the master of 100000 hours. Practices and discipline will ultimately change a Geng DM. However, these "practices" are always painful, tough and challenging. Imagine, how would you feel "burning" yourself down and be shaped each time. The fire is hot ! Thus, it is also said that Geng Metal DM life is constantly filled with hardships and challenges. .. but in the eye of a Geng Metal DM, it's really just part of life.. its "normal". But of course, just like any other Day Master, each and every one of the Geng DM are slightly different in their approach and their style despite have that strong core personality in them. Yes, because again there are 6 different types of Geng Day Masters

1. Geng Zi 庚子 - The performing Geng

Geng Zi person often struggles to relax and they can, at times, allow their anger and energy to "cloud" their perspective and judgments. They can be stubborn, irritable and opinionated yet , soft-hearted, generous and idealistic. They can appear arrogant and strong, but yet at simultaneously insecure. They are easily bored and not happy with being idle. They have a great sense of curiosity and depises routine because of the Zi , which is restless and energetic. They can be very fickle, and be frustrated with their own rate of changeability and impulsiveness. That is why, it is very important for a Geng Zi to be learn how to focus , otherwise, it is very east for them to waste of their potential. Besides that, all Geng Zi should be aware of their impulsiveness nature, otherwise it will affect them in many decision making.

2. Geng Yin 庚寅 - The talkative Geng

A Geng Yin person is pretty talkative, chopping the tree all the time! Because they are constantly chopping the tree, they are very hardworking and likes challenges. Being a Geng coming with a travelling star, which is their IW, they love freedom. They are thirsty for more knowledge and are curious about many things in life. Geng Yin is very dynamic and quite forceful in personalities. They can be very enterprising as well. They are also a true optimist, however, they can be beset by self-doubt and prone to worrying. 3. Geng Chen 庚辰 - The intimidating one

A Geng Chen is very hard and stubborn, as you can imagine the image of a sword inside the mountain (Wu). They are strong and only allow those they believe in to lead them.

Because by nature they are stuck inside the stubborn mountain, usually it takes a lot of effort to dig up the talent of a Geng Chen. To fully see the potential of a Geng Chen, a lot of pressure is required. Below a Chen is IR, which makes this pillar intuitive and learn quicker through unconventional methods, perhaps experience in life is the best education for such. However, because of the HO, a Geng Chen can go against the odds and wanting to only achieve things their way. Geng Chen is one of the Fui Kong as well.

4. Geng Wu 庚午 - The constant improver

A Geng seated on the Ding fire is always trying to improve themselves to be better. No doubt, they are the most discipline ever Geng we can see. They have this resilient personality and ability to hold on to a lot of challenges, pain and hardships in life. They get things done very quickly without any hesitation or doubt. They are up for any life changes and are mostly clear with that what they believe in. They are a very decisive Geng. They are very refined, elegant and compassionate in most given circumstances.

5. Geng Shen 庚申 - The extreme Geng

This Geng Shen is sitting on its own, thus, it portraits the most obvious Geng traits - tough, hard, competitive, altruistic etc. However, having both EG + IR together, create a personality that is rather eccentric for this Geng. A Geng Shen too however will struggle in terms of finding a balance to fulfil their need for stability and restlessness. They crave to move around and spontaneity, but at the same time, it's pulled down by their desire to find security. That is why they have to train themselves to trust and follow their intuition at a very early age so that they can be confident and decisive.

6. Geng Xu 庚戌 - The proud Geng

They are the hardest of all 60 Jia Zi. Geng Xu is known for its physically and mentally strength. Because Geng is seated in the growth of Ding (DO), they are a believer of nothing comes by without effort. They thrive at challenges and crave for change to create a better self all the time. Geng Xu enjoys arts and finer things in life and they crave a luxurious lifestyle. However, hidden beneath is its sensitivity and fear of being judged- pride is key for them. They tend to worry a lot and that would lead them to lots of hesitation in making a decision. A Geng Xu is both a Fui Kang and a Spiritual Pillar at the same time

Stay tune for more Day Masters coming up soon!!

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