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The June Month energy 2023 - 戊午 (Earth Horse)

As June unfolds, we are greeted by an energy which you can envision a volcano, symbolizing the hidden fire brewing beneath the surface. This fiery energy represents the essence of the Wu Wu pillar, a significant force in Period 9's energy cycle. Wu Wu epitomizes passion and cultivation, an inner fire that drives us towards self-discovery and spiritual growth. Hence, this month explores the importance of cultivating our passions, embracing our spiritual path, and navigating the challenges that may hinder our progress.

Unleashing Your Passion: Passion drives our endeavours, propelling us to pursue our dreams and aspirations. Therefore, we must ask ourselves: What are we truly passionate about? Discovering our passion ignites a spark within us, providing the motivation and determination necessary to embark on the journey ahead. However, passion alone is not enough; we need sufficient energy to sustain and guide us along the path of our dreams.

The Power of Cultivation: Cultivation is the key to effectively harnessing and directing our passion. It involves committing daily actions, even in secret or when no one is watching. Cultivation requires setting our timelines and goals and envisioning the transformation we seek to achieve. Rather than pursuing radical changes, taking small, manageable steps each day is essential. These consistent efforts gradually reshape our surroundings, aligning them with our evolving selves.

Preserving Energy and Drawing Abundance: Proper cultivation is essential in maintaining energy and attracting abundance into our lives. When we focus solely on the outcome or monetary gains, we risk losing sight of our true passion. Financial success should not control or overshadow our pursuit of passion, as it can extinguish the very fire that drives us. Instead, we must focus on honing our craft and improving ourselves and our products with each endeavour. By doing so, we invite abundance as a natural byproduct of our dedication and excellence. (I KNOW ITS TOUGH!)

Overcoming Obstacles: The path of cultivation has its challenges. The countering energy, characterized by wealth, greed, control, and desires, can create internal conflicts that hinder our progress. It is vital to remain mindful throughout the process, avoiding excessive fixation on outcomes. When monetary gain becomes the sole focus, our passion and cultivation becomes controlled by money, leading us astray from our cultivation and inner work. We must ground ourselves and not allow the pursuit of profit to overshadow our true purpose.

Embracing the Solution: To continue pursuing our passion and cultivating ourselves, we must shift our focus to the art itself. By continually improving our work and dedicating ourselves to personal growth, we create a foundation for success. Emphasizing the process rather than the outcome allows us to remain connected to our passion and stay aligned with our true selves. Trusting in our cultivation process and letting go of expectations opens doors to abundance and fulfilment. Just know that , you'll need to get through and walk on this path before the next ones open.

Conclusion: June, Wu Wu 2023 - beckons us to embrace our inner fire and reconnect with our spiritual path. We can forge a path towards abundance and fulfilment by cultivating our passions, focusing on personal growth, and navigating the challenges that arise. Remember, the cauldron of our aspirations requires our continuous dedication and trust in the process. As we fill our cups, we empower ourselves to uplift and inspire others, creating a ripple effect of positive change.

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