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How to be a better Yi 乙 Wood?

Updated: May 5, 2023

Yin Wood , Yi 乙 : They represent the image a flower, the soft, slowly growing (more like "creeping" up from the soil) its little vine. They have this innate capability to find their way and go through anywhere they are accessible. They are The Survivor ! There is no other better way to describe every 乙's nature. Since a 乙 is represented by a flower image, naturally it is pretty charming , which gain them one of the best social networkers among all the Day Masters.

So, coming back to the statement of relationship, what does a 乙 needs? So, referring to classical text by Liu Bo Wen., he says this:

乙木雖柔,到羊解牛, 懷丁抱丙,跨鳳乘猴, 虛濕之地,騎馬亦憂, 藤蘿繫甲,可春可秋

In translation, what it really means is that : It is important for a 乙 to have a 乙, , and to do it's job, which is basically is to be strong enough so that it can root itself on a moist earth. Overly watered 乙 by a 壬 or too much will cause itself to be uprooted (floating plant) - in human context --> Directionless. 乙 always gain it's strength by numbers meaning the presence of the 丙 or 丁 is crucial to ensure its continuous growth which ultimately leads to it's survival.

(Theoretically, only the 丙 can help its growth, but fire element plays an important role in regulating a nice warmth in a chart)

It will be a bonus with the presence of Jia appearing in its chart, because with Jia, a Yi will not be afraid of losing its support (imagine how a 乙 can creep around it a tree trunk and not relying just on its root to survive)

There is a special relationship between both 甲 and 乙 . It is a symbiotic relationship between each other. As you can see from the image below :

Both 甲 and 乙 are both wood; how are they are different..?

乙, it is the polar opposite with the Jia 甲 wood right? But similarly, both needed a moist earth and a Sun. So, what are their key differences besides their traits? Well, a 甲 DM doesn't really respond that well with its' 甲 (not that its useless, but it is depending on what you're relatively comparing with). Why? Because, 甲 CAN only rely on its own self. If you are a 甲,imagine, will adding on more 甲 around you makes you any stronger? Not really right? The strength of a Jia comes from how big the tree branches out and the size of its log (thick piece of wood). Thus 甲 motivation has always been growth.

Unlike the 乙 DM, where it's strengths grows with numbers. Now, imagine, its definitely harder to kill a big group of wheat right? Because of its delicate nature on its own, it's nature is to often seek for survival.

So, to be a good 乙 , you have to be able to see values in others just like how you see values in other elements to you. You have one of the best capabilities to identify who can really be of value in a circumstances. It is also important to have a symbiotic "mindset" , just like how 乙 and 甲 would be able to co-exist in nature. Both will achieve its goal by embracing this relationship. That is how you can be the best version of 乙. If 乙 DM, is surrounded by too much 乙 in its chart, one can be more inclined towards a little more self-oriented mindset (yes, some called it selfish, perhaps you can say so, but really it just means that "I am the most important person" )

However, just like what we see in the nature, there are so many different types of flower, 乙 right?

Based on the 60 Jia Zi once again, there are in total 6 different types of 乙. There are 乙 Chou, 乙 Zi, 乙 Hai, 乙 You, 乙 Wei, 乙 Si and 乙 Mao

  1. 乙 Chou - The Big Picture 乙 This 乙 although is at winter, is quite beautiful because, its nicely fitted on the moist earth. But it is still not a rooted 乙. So, most of the time, they are the ones who uses their "survival instinct" or you can call it "intuition" quite a lot. Together with their IW, it tends to look at things in a big picture to make its decision. They are also one of the strategic and intelligent, however often unknown unless it's being revealed. However, despite all these, their sense of confidence carry a little sense of insecurities and can get hurt easily.

  2. 乙 Mao - The 乙-iest This 乙, carries the purest Qi of them all, they are witty, ambitious and smart. However it is never very easy to get to know them entirely, as they can be swayed by the wind here and there. Also, are quite easily influenced by the surrounding and have the most assistance around them! They are the great with people around them and are always the one attracting the crowd, since they exhibit a charismatic vibe. They are the one who will enjoy the most strength being with their own kind of people. Sometimes however, if goes a little extreme, they will manifest an egotistical side of themselves and only prefer to stay within their own bubble.

  3. 乙 Si - The Ambitious 乙 Ah, a 乙 that you can find on high ground (literally)! They are the flowers on mountain and because of that, they are known to be the most ambitious 乙. They can be really generous and unique in their beliefs. Once they have a message that they want to tell the world, they will make sure that happens. They have a great discipline that have trained them to bring the best in their life, thus I would say this 乙 is also the least likely that would be swayed by others.

  4. 乙 Wei - The Optimistic 乙 You can imagine this 乙, as a CACTUS. Being able to sustain itself in a dessert makes it a natural survival. With its storage of 乙 and main Qi of , has great drive to survive under this very hot weather. Thats is why, this 乙 can be said is to be the most forward one, the one who foresee many good opportunities in life. It is also very creative and inspiring. However, they might over-indulge themselves with luxurious and extravagant lifestyles, which will get the best of them. So, cultivating discipline is important for Yi like this.

  5. 乙 You - The Femme Fatale 乙 Sitting on its 辛 metal, which is it's 7K , plus a peach blossom star, isn't this a charming, sexy and .. a little dangerous? It is straightforward, benevolent, optimistic and inspiring. This 乙 likes unique and exquisite things in life. However, be mindful about being too "petty", hasty and impatient with things.

  6. 乙 Hai - The Delicate 乙 乙 that is most delicate and elegant of all. Beautiful, intelligent, intuitive and creative! It has this ability to balance itself so well on water. It has so many hidden talents, that sometimes itself don't even know. Just like how the "Lotus" is actually beneath the beautiful flower, the flower can't really see although its even there. That is why, some said this pillar spends all its life trying to find out its purpose and talent. Because it is floating on top of the water, this 乙 is the most insecure one among all, because it is literally floating on the water. That is also why, very often this pillar require assurance from other people about their choices.

Once again, do not take these information as it is to read your chart, because this analysis is purely based on just one pillar. The rest of your pillar plays a significant role to determine what your BaZi chart is like.

If you would like to know more into your personal BaZi chart, I would suggest you to contact me directly here.

Stay tune for more.


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