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How to be a better Bing 丙 Fire?

Updated: May 5, 2023

Oh Bing fire 丙, the ever bright and eternal in its force. It is the imagery of "The Sun". Those with this Day Master is warm, generous and charitable by nature. Their presence is infectiously passionate and can bring brightness to their surrounding, especially during dark times.

Just like how The Sun is, they rise and set every day. Meaning, those who have a Bing 丙DM is well known for their consistency and persistence. But, have you ever seen The Sun not rise and set before? That is why- ALL Bing 丙 DM , best functions when it has developed its routine that works for them.

Naturally, The Sun doesn't get affected by anyone else. So, similarly to those who are Bing 丙 DM as well. They are not affected by anyone .. except by themselves (another Bing 丙). That is why it is never easy to influence a Bing 丙 DM person. They are their self-motivator and self - demotivators.

However, with all Bing 丙 DM, because they are Earth's primary source of energy, if left unchecked, they can become over-confident and come across as egoistical.- So, pay attention to this!

To understand Bing 丙 DM further, we can always refer to the classical text by Liu Bo Wen classics, which states these about Bing 丙 DM :

丙火猛烈,敗霜侮雪, 能煆庚金,從辛反怯, 上眾成慈,水猖顯節, 馬虎犬鄉,甲來成滅

The statement above generally states that Bing 丙 DM is "afraid" of no one and can never change (its form) by other elements. Also, Bing 丙 DM doesn't require any form of growth "support" from other elements (unlike Ding 丁) to provide its warmth because the source of Bing 丙 DM is at its internal.

Instead, it is Bing 丙 DM who provides life and is required by many other elements. For example, Jia 甲/Yi 乙 needs Bing to grow; the Wet Earth (Ji 己) requires Bing 丙 to make them fertile; it helps the mountain (Wu 戊) look beautiful. Bing makes a diamond's (Xin 辛) beauty visible. But, bear in mind that this combination (Bing 丙 + Xin 辛) is known as the merciless. Over the long run, Bing 丙DM does not like to be "taken" advantage.

As you can see here, almost all elements require "assistance" from Bing 丙 DM. Thus, their "giving" personality is by nature. With that, all Bing丙 DM is not afraid even with the opposing element - The Water element- the presence of Ren 壬 (ocean) and Gui 癸 (mist/cloud). Although Bing 丙DM doesn't like the presence of Gui 癸 (mist/cloud) over the long run, it doesn't change its form because of Gui 癸. Ren 壬, on the other hand, will reflect on Bing 丙 and increases the warmth

However, it is detrimental if a Bing 丙 DM's chart comes with very strong fire and strong wood (Jia 甲 & Yi 乙). Together, this combination will create a "fire bush" and cause the wood (the Resource) to burn out, ultimately burning themselves out. In this, we often see in reality that a Bing 丙 DM tends to self-destruct or self-sabotage if the chart is too hot. Thus, again - Bing 丙 DM can only be destroyed by self.

If we break it down into a more detailed understanding of the Day Masters, we need to look into the 60 pillars, despite their similarities. Still, they can be very different, depending on the Earthly Branches (EB) that each Bing 丙 DM carries with them.

In total, there are 6 Pillars of Bing - namely - Bing Zi 丙子, Bing Yin 丙寅, Bing Chen 丙辰, Bing Wu 丙午, Bing Shen 丙申 and Bing Xu 丙戌

1. Bing Zi 丙子- The Hidden Bing

Bing Zi, is an image of a Sun, surrounded by clouds/mist (Gui癸). They can be shining bright, but the strong clouds cover them. So, it represents an intelligent person because it is still a water element at the hidden stem - represents wisdom. But this person could be hiding this "intelligence", or maybe only use this talent behind the scenes. Or, if not for some cases, even unaware of their intelligence! Bing Zi 丙子 people are often viewed as someone humorous and fun (sometimes silly). But those are just surfaces. Beneath the witty personality, it is usually hiding the profound wisdom and sensitivity side. That is why having a solid and clear idea of what they want, goals and desires are essential for them to bring their talents out from their cloud and mist, breaking through those clouds and show their brightness.

2. Bing Yin 丙寅 - The Intuitive Bing

This Bing is like an image of a Sun over a forest. When the Sun meets the Big Tree (Jia甲 is the main Qi inside Yin寅) , it produces a sentimental personality. One of their key strength is their intuition and six-sense. And because of these, they can be persuasive and good in business / natural leaders. Although in reality, Jia 甲 doesn't produce Bing丙 and the Sun helps in Jia's 甲growth. And it seems like Jia 甲 isn't helping Bing丙 at all. BUT, actually - Jia 甲 helps to absorb water (Gui癸) and protect it from blocking the Bing 丙 (Sun). So that is also why - this pillar, Bing Yin 丙寅, is often misunderstood in some way. Besides that, they are prone to emotional turbulence (extreme heat) that will help them self-destruct. Remember when the chart is too hot, and when it meets too many Jias - fire bush

3. Bing Chen 丙辰 - The Socialist and Spiritual Bing

Imagine the Sun shining through behind the big mountain- it is Bing Chen 丙辰. Its presence is significant and broad, which means this Bing's energy has a great potential to reach far and many other people. They are deeply emotional and creative. Yet, they have the desire for luxury due to the presence of EG as the main Qi. Besides that, they are also trustworthy. However, they tend to be moody and unsettled, which would affect themselves and the people around them. They dislike boredom and like to explore new things. That is why they need to learn how to be disciplined to focus on one direction. Otherwise, they will get easily influenced and pressured by other external factors

4. Bing Wu 丙午- The Dynamic Bing

Bing Wu 丙午 is a pure fire pillar - the only difference is that inside Wu午, it is the opposite polar of Bing, Ding丁 (RW). Together, this pillar forms a very aggressive and competitive pillar. Imagine a horse with fire (it doesn't exist, of course). But you get what I mean. This pillar is the most intense of all and is very extreme. It is either "Do or Die". But, on the other hand, they are very independent, hard-working, adventurous, and willing to fight for their freedom. Overall, it is a very "explosive" type of energy. That is why, if you have this Pillar, you can often be hard on others and yourself. You tend to push yourself too much, which will ultimately create harm to yourself.

5. Bing Shen 丙申- The Emerging Bing

Bing Shen丙申 is more like a Sun reflecting on something shiny (not the water), but a solid, shiny thing- metal. Thus, this pillar is said to have strong inner power and strength, just like how this type of light tend to focus on a piece of metal 庚. The reflection that bounced back is very intensely bright. That is why the talents of a Bing Shen is often apparent and easily seen/identified by others and self. However, due to its presence of both 7K and IW together, it creates an impatient personality. The EG has its perfectionist streak too. So, isn't it pretty frustrating?

6. Bing Xu 丙戌- The Explorer Bing

Similar to Bing Chen 丙辰, it is an image of a Sun over the mountain. But it is the Sun during autumn time instead of spring. And during autumn time, the Sun isn't available as long as during summer. The day is shorter. So, it is like the "least mature" Sun, and not at its peak. That is why Bing Xu 丙戌 personality is more child-like innocence kind. They like to discover new things and find their place in the world.However, that does not make them less ambitious because the Sun overlooks and radiates across the big mountain. They are pillars who wants to do big things. But they are more impatient than Bing Chen 丙辰 due to the presence of RW that is at storage. And because of that, Bing Xu's 丙戌 personality is impulsive and gets easily irritable- despite having great charisma and likeability. But, inside this ambitious Bing Xu 丙戌, this person can be pretty sensitive and tends to be quite dreamy as well.

So, there you go - the Bing Pillars !

Bear in mind that, the critical point here is to BE YOU, as you need to live your chart to fully utilize your chart's strengths. And that is why you want to know your chart in the first place. Be just as simple as your Day Master and Pillar first - Then Only we can use our BaZi chart to solve Problems (accurately).

Otherwise, you can't be using your chart well at all.

But so, remember - DO NOT take all these so literal because this is just an analysis based on ONE pillar only. It may or may not reflect entirely like you. A more accurate analysis must still take into consideration of the whole chart's configuration. All these 60 Pillars explanation is a mere guideline for you to refer to and bench-mark against them. You may sway a little based on what are the rest of the components in your chart.

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